Bulgarian Language Services

At Multilingual Connections, we provide translation, interpretation and transcription services for over 75 different languages. Our team includes native Bulgarian speakers to ensure the intended message and linguistic nuances in the source content are preserved. We also train in regional dialects, so no matter your audience or the origin of your content, we can get the job done.

Professional Bulgarian Translations

We can translate anything from healthcare notes to professional contracts and legal documents. Business translations often require specialized technical knowledge, which is why every member of our team is a native speaker with industry experience. To go the extra mile, we also only hire translators certified by the American Translators Association (or the equivalent professional organization in their home country.)

Bulgarian Audio and Video Transcriptions

Our professionals have three transcription options for a range of audio and video content: monolingual, interpretive or double column transcriptions. Unsure which fits your needs? We are happy to review your material to help you decide which of our transcription options is right for you. Additionally, we will gladly accommodate all formatting and time stamping needs.

Bulgarian Interpretations

For our expert team of certified Bulgarian interpreters, no topic is too complex. From business meetings to interrogations, international events to medical calls, we ensure quick and easy communication. Available 24/7 in person, virtually, or over the phone, we have you covered when you’re in need.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Bulgarian Translating, Transcribing, and Translating Needs?

At Multilingual Connections, we are dedicated to providing accurate and cost-effective language services. Our team of qualified professionals boasts an extensive list of specializations and fields of experience. More than that – we have a reputation for commitment to friendly customer service. We are the industry-leading language services provider you can trust to handle your project with care and confidence.

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