Bulgarian Language Services

At Multilingual Connections, we provide translation, interpretation and transcription services for over 75 different languages from native speakers through the hard work of an experienced team of certified professionals. Whether it’s Bulgarian to English, English to Bulgarian or Bulgarian to any other language, a qualified native speaker will be able to assist you with your translation needs.

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Bulgarian is Bulgaria’s official language and is a recognized minority language in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and the Ukraine.

The Importance of Bulgarian

Bulgarian is a Southern Slavic language spoken in several Slavic countries including Bulgaria. It is Bulgaria’s official language and is a recognized minority language in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and the Ukraine. Bulgarian speaking individuals and companies are gaining a broader relevance due to the increasing market of international business, foreign law and cultural studies. Today, Bulgarian has gone on to be spoken in parts of Canada and the US, Ukraine, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and others. Not only relevant to professionals involved in international economic affairs, the language also dates back thousands of years, making it particularly essential to scholars who study art, literature and history throughout Europe.

Bulgarian Translations

Whether it’s English to Bulgarian or Bulgarian to English, we have a team of certified translators who are native to the language ready to assist you. We can translate your personally written text, professional contracts and legal documents such as interrogations and depositions. When it comes to Bulgarian translations, we understand that various business translations require specialized technical knowledge, so our translators have a variety of backgrounds and education. All of our Bulgarian translators have certification from the American Translators Association or equivalent in their home country. Our translators are highly capable of understanding and translating Bulgarian dialects, metaphors and idioms.

Bulgarian Transcriptions

Multilingual Connections offers three different types of Bulgarian transcription services for your audio and video files at cost-effective rates. We are able to complete monolingual transcriptions, interpretive transcriptions or double column transcriptions. Our professionals transcribe range of materials, from audio and video footage, market research files, earning calls, legal proceedings and other visual and audio content. We are happy to work with you and review your material to help you decide exactly which one of our Bulgarian transcriptions options are right for you.

Bulgarian Interpretations

Businesses in need of professional interpretation from Bulgarian to English or vice-versa can entrust our experienced team of interpreters to assist them either in-person or over the phone. We are able to conduct in-person interpretation anywhere throughout the world, or be reached 24/7 by phone for interpreters. A certified Bulgarian interpreter who is qualified and specialized in your particular field will take care of all your interpretation needs. All of our Bulgarian interpreters are dedicated to providing the most accurate interpretations with a high attention to detail.

About the Bulgarian Language

Bulgarian is spoken throughout Europe today, including Serbia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Greece and Turkey as well as areas of Canada and the United States. Bulgarian is the first Slavic language written on paper. At the end of the 18th century, the Russian version of the Cyrillic alphabet of Peter the Great was adapted to write Bulgarian as a result of the heavy influence of Russian literature. The language began to emerge in 19th-century documents and transitioned between a 28 and 44 letter alphabet before settling into the 32 letter one utilized today by Bulgarian’s 12 million speakers today.

Bulgarian Dialects

The Bulgarian language has dozens of transitional Eastern and Western dialects, such as the Central Balkan dialect and Western Macedonian dialects. Our Bulgarian interpreters, translators and transcribers are certified and experienced in these dialects and able to provide you with accurate translations, transcriptions and interpretations.

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Our team of professionals at Multilingual Connections is dedicated to providing the most accurate, cost-effective and professional translations, transcriptions and interpretations to you for over 75 different languages. Our team of qualified professionals boast an extensive list of specializations and fields of experience, making Multilingual Connections’ an unprecedented team of culturally conscience and well-versed individuals who are passionate about their language and work tirelessly to meet all of your expectations.

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