Bengali Language Services

Since 2005, Multilingual Connections has been assisting individuals, businesses, organizations and more with all of their Bengali language needs. Our translation, transcription and interpretation services are second to none, and we can assist with English to Bengali, Bengali to English or to any of the other languages we offer.

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Mainly spoken in India and Bangladesh, Bengali is the seventh most common language worldwide.

The Importance of Bengali

Mainly spoken in India and Bangladesh, Bengali is the seventh most common language worldwide. Scholars have long studied classical Indian literature written in Bengali making it important in academia. It’s becoming increasingly relevant for business as India and Bangladesh become strong forces in the business world. Many up-and-coming companies choose India and Bangladesh as a starting location, and many global corporations are increasing their presence in Southeastern Asia.

Bengali Translations

Multilingual Connections is the first choice for affordable, high-quality Bengali translations. We employ native speakers who understand idioms and regional dialects. Our team strives for a high-level of customer service, accuracy and speed in all our work. Each of our translators receives certification from the American Translators Association or equivalent in their home country. Our translators regularly handle complex jobs or specialty and technical fields.

Bengali Transcriptions

Transcribing Bengali is a very complex process due to the many dialects and complexity of the language, but at Multilingual Connections we have the best team of Bengali language specialists ready to transcribe your audio or video. We can transcribe a variety of sources such as focus and marketing groups, legal proceedings, video footage, audio recordings, telephone calls and more. We provide transcriptions in either Bengali, the language of your choice or both side-by-side.

Bengali Interpretations

A live Bengali interpreter is necessary for functions where native speakers and speakers of other languages need to communicate. Whether you need an interpreter for a meeting, health care, legal proceedings or other function, our company has a skilled native speaker available to interpret either in person or over the phone. Our interpreters are available 24/7 to help you cross language and cultural barriers.

About the Bengali Language

Bengali is one of the world’s oldest language and has approximately 300 million speakers. It is Bangladesh’s official language and one of India’s twenty-three official languages. Scientific research and information technology are both areas where there are many speakers of this language.

Bengali Dialects

There are several different Bengali dialects. The literary form is relevant to academic fields such as history and literature. There are also four main dialect groups: Banga, Kamarupa, Rarh and Varendra. The Rarh dialect is considered by many to be the colloquial form of Bengali. We offer translators, transcribers and interpreters for all of the Bengali dialects.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Bengali Language Needs

No matter the language needs it is important to have an experienced language specialist for your translation, transcription and interpretation needs, but even more so for Bengali. With its complex structure, it is very different from most Western languages and is full of metaphors, idioms and colloquial saying that do not translate well into English. Multilingual Connections has a team of highly skilled translators, transcribers and interpreters fully capable of assisting with your needs. You’ll save valuable time and resources by working with Multilingual Connections and not have to worry about potentially disastrous misunderstandings with your Bengali business partners.

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