Assyrian Language Services

Multilingual Connections provides quality translation, transcription and interpretation services in Assyrian to individuals, businesses and organizations. We have the knowledge and resources to work with both modern Assyrian communication and historic academic work. Our team of Assyrian language specialists are all either certified by the American Translators Association or their home countries’ equivalent.

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Assyrian is spoken by groups of people in Iran, Iraq and Syria.

The Importance of Assyrian

Present day the language is spoken by groups of people in Iran, Iraq and Syria. This region of the world is extremely volatile, and Multilingual Connections translators are necessary when communicating with individuals and businesses there. The language is crucial for scholars of religion, linguistics, Middle East history, anthropology and global history. In fact, the modern religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam all are impacted by Assyrian.

Assyrian Translations

Multilingual Connections is one of the few firms that can provide translations to and from Assyrian in a variety of languages. Our team has extensive knowledge and expertise in Assyrian and are well equipped to translate any Assyrian text to the language of your choice. Our translators make use of the latest software to ensure your translation work will be of the highest quality. Translations will be edited, proofread and provided in the format of your specifications.

Assyrian Transcriptions

Multilingual Connections provides high-quality transcriptions for Assyrian audio and video transcriptions. We can provide either monolingual transcriptions, interpretive transcriptions or double column transcriptions. Monolingual transcriptions transcribe the Assyrian audio into text. Interpretive transcriptions will be supplied in text of the language of your choice. For double column transcriptions, you will receive text in both Assyrian and your target language.

Assyrian Interpretations

Assyrian interpreters are hard to find, but Multilingual Connections has a team of highly qualified interpreters that can conduct bilingual interpretation. We have the expertise to understand Assyrian culture and accurately communicate the message of the speaker, whether it is a literal translation or interpretation that keeps the meaning intact. You can choose either simultaneous or consecutive interpreting based on your needs. Our interpreters are available to interpret over the phone, video call or in-person.

About the Assyrian Language

While there are not many native speakers of Assyrian today, it was first used back in the third millennium BC throughout the Middle East. It influenced ancient Akkadian and Sumerian, which eventually influenced modern languages such as Arabic, Persian and Hebrew. Due to instability throughout the Middle East during the past century many native speakers are living abroad in Europe, North American or Australia. The writing system was first used during the third millennium BC and was one of the first alphabets created. During the 1930s, a Latin alphabet for was developed due to the Soviet Union’s handling of minority languages.

Assyrian Dialects

Assyrian has five major dialect groups that are, for the most part, mutually intelligible. The most widespread dialect today is Iraqi Koine. Multilingual Connections has translators, transcribers and interpreters for each of the Assyrian dialects to ensure no matter what dialect you need work completed in we are able.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Assyrian Language Needs

Multilingual Connections has one of the top team of Assyrian translators, transcribers and interpreters fully capable of handling all your foreign language needs. If you are looking for affordability, friendly staff, quick turnaround time and expertise our team is the perfect fit.

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