Armenian Language Services

At Multilingual Connections, we provide full Armenian to English and English to Armenian translation, transcription and interpretation services to facilitate business communication. In addition to Armenian to English, our skilled Armenian specialists can translate, transcribe and interpret between Armenian and a large number of other languages. The exotic and complex nature of the language has kept it unfamiliar to most, necessitating the use of professional language services in most communication situations.

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Armenian is the official language of Armenia and of the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

The Importance of Armenian

Much of the importance of Armenian stems from its literature and history, but tourism and modern business relations are becoming increasingly important. Since the breakup of the Soviet Union and the subsequent independence of the country of Armenia, the language has grown in importance thanks to increased worldwide interactions.

Armenian Translations

Every Armenian translator that Multilingual Connections employs is fully capable of quick, accurate and consistent translation work. Fluency in technical vocabularies and subject matters is critical for our translators, making it easier for them to process business documents. Some of the many types of materials we translate on a regular basis include legal contracts, e-learning modules, advertisement brochures, web pages and employee handouts.

Armenian Transcriptions

Multilingual Connections provides transcription services from audio and video files to written text. These transcriptions can be completed in English or any of the other languages provided by our services. If desired, we will provide you with a transcription in both the original language and in the language of your choice. Our transcriptionists are careful to transcribe everything exactly as said and to your exact formatting specifications.

Armenian Interpretations

At Multilingual Connections, certified Armenian interpreters will provide you with fluent, on the spot interpretations between Armenian and many other languages. Our interpretation work is bi-directional, faithful to the original utterances and sufficiently idiomatic to the target language. By using a highly trained Armenian interpreter, you will be able to communicate smoothly with any of this language’s six million speakers.

About the Armenian Language

Armenian is the official language of Armenia and of the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region that lies between Armenia and Azerbaijan. There are also native speakers scattered throughout Turkey, Russia and the rest of the world. Armenian is one of the oldest extant languages on the planet, predating 400 B.C. It is also one of the most unique of living Indo-European languages, having its own language family. The writing system used for Armenian is also unique. It was first used in the 5th-Century A.D. by Bible translator Mesrop Mashtots. It originally had 36 letters, but currently has 39.

Armenian Dialects

Armenian consists of a chain of dialects and sub-dialects rather than being uniform or falling into a neat, simple dialect breakdown. Nonetheless, there are two main “dialect blocks” and two official standard forms of the language, called Western Armenian and Eastern Armenian. Most of the western dialects were wiped out by the Turkish genocide of the early 1900s, but some still persist. They are characterized by pronunciation distinctions that mimic nearby Arabic and Turkish. All the translators, transcriptionists and interpreters at Multilingual Connections are well versed in the different Armenian dialects and can work within whichever dialect the project requires.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Armenian Language Needs

The multilingual services of our team of fluent language workers will help you build better business relationships and increase your bottom line. Efficiently processed translation, transcription and interpretation services will make important business communications both possible and practical. Our professional language workers are fast, saving you valuable time. They are also accurate, saving you from the frustration of lost opportunities and needless misunderstandings.

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