Arabic Language Services

Curious about language options with Multilingual Connections? We offer translation, transcription, and interpreting services to individuals and businesses in standard Arabic and its many dialects. Trained to be regionally accurate and culturally nuanced, our team of professionals is equipped to handle any language project. No matter your organization’s needs, we have you covered.

Professional Arabic Translations

From English to Arabic, Arabic to English, or any of our over 75 other languages, our team of linguists delivers accurate, industry-specific translations. We work with subject matter as diverse as legal proceedings, healthcare, and manufacturing. Because our translators are native speakers, even the most specialized terminology will not get lost in translation.

Arabic Audio & Video Transcriptions

We offer three types of transcriptions for both audio and video content: monolingual, interpretive, and double-column. Whether you need to transcribe life histories, wiretaps, conference calls or anything in between, our team of professionals will deliver with efficiency and accuracy. We also gladly accommodate time stamping and text formatting needs.

Arabic Interpreting

Our interpreters are available whenever, wherever, and however you need them. Operating 24/7 and ready to travel, we offer consecutive, simultaneous, and phone interpretations for everything from employee trainings to conferences. We work with certified, native speakers trained to be linguistically accurate in interpreting across subject matter and industry.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Arabic Translation, Transcription, and Interpretation Needs?

Multilingual Connections is an established language agency with over a decade of experience. Located just north of Chicago, our competitive rates, experienced team, and quick turnaround optimize efficiency in translation, transcription, and interpretation. We’re a team you can trust to get the job done– and done well.

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