Albanian Translation Services

Expert knowledge of Albanian is rare outside of its 5.5 million native speakers making a professional language service, such as Multilingual Connections,  necessary for individuals and businesses interacting with residents of Albania and Kosovo. We have an excellent team of experienced Albanian language specialists equipped to bridge the gap between Albanian and other languages. All of our team possess full language certification in the U.S., Albania or other Albanian-speaking nation and are fully competent to handle all of your translation, transcription and interpretation needs no matter how specialized your needs are.

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Albanian is an offical language in Albania and the neighboring Yugoslav province of Kosovo.

The Importance of Albanian

Rich in natural resources Albania has strong industrial and manufacturing industries resulting in more international businesses doing business with Albania each year due to its growing exports industry. Individuals, businesses and organizations with business partners in Albania benefit greatly by having a team of Albanian language experts to assist with any and all of their translation, transcription and interpretation needs. Albania’s tourism industry is large and growing as well frequently requiring that Albanian translation and interpretation work be done to facilitate interactions with speakers of the language.

Albanian Translations

Multilingual Connections Albanian translations are completed by native speakers who understand the local dialects and idioms and who also understand technical vocabularies and subject matter. They are accustomed to working from Albanian to English, English to Albanian and between Albanian and other languages. You will work with an Albanian translator who will quickly, accurately and consistently translate all of your business contracts, web pages, employee handouts or other documents.

Albanian Transcriptions

We provide Albanian transcriptions from audio to same-language text or text written in another language of your choosing. Our team of transcriptionists can provide double column transcriptions as well, providing written text for both the original and target language if requested.

Albanian Interpretations

Multilingual Connections Albanian interpreters are available to travel to where you need an interpreter. They are also prepared to provide you with over-the-phone interpretation on a 24/7 basis. You will work with a certified Albanian interpreter who is fluent in both the source and target language. Your Albanian interpreter will facilitate communication for your business conferences, school meetings, interviews and more.

About the Albanian Language

Albanian is an official language in Albania and the neighboring Yugoslav province of Kosovo. The language spills over the borders and into Montenegro and Macedonia, however, and there has been a diaspora in Italy, Greece and Ukraine for centuries. Additionally, it is a recognized minority language in Croatia and Romania. Many believe that modern Albanian evolved from ancient Illyrian. While the language shares some features with the other Indo-European languages, it is unique enough that most linguists classify it in its own separate language family. Present day Albanian utilizes the Latin alphabet for writing, but throughout history it was recorded in many other alphabets making translating historical text uniquely challenging. Our team of experts at Multilingual Connections has the experience and know-how for such challenging projects.

Albanian Dialects

There are two main dialects of Albanian: Gheg and Tosk. Gheg is spoken in northern Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia. Tosk is spoken in southern Albania. A small transitionary zone stands between these dialects, the traditional border being the Shkumbin River. Other dialects include Arbëresh in southern Italy and Arvanitika scattered throughout Greece. Our skilled language staff is qualified to work in every one of these dialects, and your project will be completed by an Albanian language specialist best suited to meet your specific needs.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Albanian Language Needs

Multilingual Connections offers fast, friendly and cost-effective translations, transcriptions and interpretations between Albanian and any of the over 75 other languages we offer our expert services in. Our dedicated and experienced team of language workers have made us a top-tier language service used by many businesses and other institutions.

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