Interested in joining our dynamic network of language professionals? We’d love to hear from you.

Since 2005, Multilingual Connections has helped clients engage their multilingual markets and expand their global reach through translation, transcription and interpretation services. We’re always looking for talented, enthusiastic professionals to support our clients’ needs.


Put your passion for language to work – anytime, anywhere

Our freelancers work remotely, they choose which projects to accept and are paid per project. And they do it on their own time – night owls, early birds and everyone in-between – while making sure to respect our deadlines.

Freelancers who work with us aren’t just names on a screen – they’re at the core of what we do, and their success is truly our success. That’s why we provide comprehensive feedback on projects and recognize outstanding freelancers for going above and beyond.

Please note that at this time Multilingual Connections is accepting applications exclusively from individual freelancers, and not from groups of freelancers or representatives of such groups. Additionally, due to a recent change of employment rules, we currently are not accepting applications from freelancers located in the state of California.

What makes a great translator or transcriptionist?

Our freelancers possess the relevant education, training and experience to handle projects that require specific tools and expert skill sets. Beyond those credentials, our freelancers are detail-oriented, able to follow complex instructions and interested in researching unfamiliar terms or concepts as needed. They also respond promptly and clearly to emails, and show flexibility in adapting their work, both to incorporate feedback and to accommodate our clients’ evolving needs.

Freelancing isn’t for everyone. Our most successful (and satisfied) professionals are experienced, organized, motivated self-starters who work independently while regularly communicating with our team and sharing updates on their assignments.

If that sounds like you, it’s time to get in touch!

How to get started with Multilingual Connections as a freelancer

If you want to apply to become a translator, transcriptionist, subtitler, DTP professional or voice-over provider, fill out the online application to begin!

(Please note that for certain languages, we may ask transcriptionists to take a very brief transcription test. This allows transcriptionists to demonstrate their skills and get a better feel for the type of work we handle.)

Freelancing FAQs

What are your rates?

Rates vary according to language pair and project – some projects are straightforward, and others require highly technical knowledge or multimedia components.

As a freelancer, how much work should I expect?

The volume of work in a particular language pair or specialization fluctuates based on our clients’ needs.

When we start working with new linguists, we tend to begin with small projects that allow us all to become comfortable working with each other. As our linguists develop experience with our workflows, some of our linguists become key partners in supporting our clients' projects.

Do freelancers have to work in your office?

No! Our linguists are independent contractors who freelance part-time, work remotely and are paid on a project-by-project basis.

As a freelancer, do I need any special equipment?

Our freelancers are free to use the technology of their choice. For translators, mastery of CAT tools is preferred and can certainly be an advantage when working on complex projects. For transcriptionists, we encourage the use of a transcription pedal and transcription software so that you can manipulate audio files by pausing, slowing down, rewinding, etc., in order to increase efficiency and accuracy.

In-House Team

Interested in joining our in-house team?

Interested in joining our in-house team?   A passion for language and culture will certainly help you fit in, but there’s a lot more that we look for.  Our in-house team draws on skills gained through experience in fields ranging from translation and interpretation to nonprofit, law, academia, video production and user research. This diversity is one of our greatest strengths; because our work touches so many different industries and specializations, familiarity with various subject matter is a big plus. What members of our in-house team have in common is that they:

  • possess strong organizational and communication skills
  • are detail-oriented
  • are highly tech-savvy
  • thrive in a fast-paced, multilingual environment
  • are always ready to step in to help a coworker in need
  • are able to work collaboratively in a team environment but also independently
  • strive for excellence in all their work and
  • have a sense of humor!

If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!

Why Multilingual Connections?

At Multilingual Connections, we value everyone’s contributions and make sure our team members are acknowledged and appreciated for helping us excel. We do this by offering:

  • Competitive compensation package
  • Employer contribution for group medical insurance
  • 401K + matching
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • An autonomous yet collaborative environment
  • Enthusiastic, high-energy and cooperative environment
  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth

Our Clients

Your Success is Our Success

We succeed when we help you understand, engage and grow your audience – and accomplish your business goals.

Relationships, Not Just Transactions

Sometimes you’re going to want to pick up the phone with questions, schedule a video chat or meet in person, and we welcome it!

Let us be your trusted partner

We believe in building long-term partnerships and finding the right solutions for your needs. We value our clients as partners and appreciate the trust they place in us.


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