Why Global Insights Professionals Trust Multilingual Connections

Why Global Insights Professionals Trust Multilingual Connections

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Finding a translator for a specific language who also understands the nuance of market research can be quite a challenge. Market research translation needs span the range of methodologies from qualitative, quantitative, surveys, open ends, verbatims, IDIs, focus group guides and more. 

But when it comes to market research, translation is not a one-way street. Let’s think about the process for a moment. There are really two different phases of any global market research project as it relates to translation. The first phase involves getting needed collateral available in the target language(s) for the research participants and the second phase to translate the findings back for the research team to analyze. 

Phase One: Translating documents into target languages

Starting with original research materials in English, everything from the screener to pre-homework assignments to discussion guides or survey questions and answers all need to be translated. 


The technical translation of the language is just the beginning of the logistics. Guidelines about regional dialects, cultural appropriateness, how to handle sensitive subject matter and more add complexity and accuracy to the work. Different research methodologies may also be more easily implemented in different cultures based on gender norms, education levels and more. 

Regional preferences, slang and other cultural nuances also have a big impact on language use.These geographic and culture-driven language nuances extend beyond the English language. For example, French, as spoken in France, is different from French spoken in Canada. Spanish is the official language of 21 different countries, but the cultures and histories of those countries vary greatly – impacting many things, language included. The number of languages spoken throughout Asia Pacific is staggering, even before you add the number of dialects spoken. The Philippines alone is home to approximately 170 dialects. India, with 16 official spoken languages, boasts over 19,500 dialects.

Quality results come from a professional blend of technical translation and deep cultural understanding. 

Phase Two: Translating responses back into English

Once this part of the market research project has been completed there is still the task of translating the results back to English for review and analysis. Translators with market research experience know how to package open-ended responses, interpret slang used in a natural conversation within a focus group, and can even convey what was meant by body language, gestures, interjections or exclamations that might not have an equivalent in another language. 

That same blend of translation expertise and cultural knowledge is again needed when translating the output back into English. 

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While Field Directors and Project Managers are keeping details of respondents, completes, cross-tabs, IDIs and more straight, a one-stop-shop for all translation needs for the project can be a significant time saver. Before these two phases are started, an experienced translation partner with market research experience will do essential pre-work to create a solid foundation for project success. 

At Multilingual Connections, our focus on best practices and standard operating procedures ensures we prepare for the details before your project is started. From reviewing complex file formats to the software needed, consideration for dialect expertise or perfecting the tone of the translation for the age of the participant, to accounting for global holidays in project timelines, we anticipate the project needs to save valuable time and money. 

As exciting as it is to enter new markets and work with new and different cultures and languages, it’s important to keep in mind that the primary translation goes far beyond translating exact words. Crossing borders, both physically and linguistically can add layers of complexity to market research projects. It can be a wild ride at first, but with a broader understanding of what is actually being translated and the cultural context in which it will be conveyed an informed plan can be put into place. A reliable translation partner is an integral part of making this happen with ease. 

The point of market research is to bridge the gap between assumption and knowledge. Proper translation is key to making that happen across language and cultural barriers. At Multilingual Connections, we not only work in multiple languages, but we also speak “market research” serving this industry so nothing is lost in translation. 

As more businesses pursue the benefits of globalization, forming a greater understanding of consumers around the world – and their cultures – is an important aspect of gathering the powerful insights needed for success. Our international team of experienced translators specializes in market research translation services to help you understand, engage and grow your multilingual audiences – local, national, or global. 

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We periodically share news and updates around translation, language and culture. Rest assured we’ll never share your contact information with anyone!