Website Translation and Localization

Let Multilingual Connections help improve the experience of your global customers through professional website translation and localization.

Why translate your website?

Don’t miss the opportunity to engage potential customers across the globe—or in your own backyard—who prefer to access information in their local language.

Why not just use a Google Translate or other free translation website plugin?

Think of how much time you spent creating your website and how many eyes carefully reviewed the content before going live. Your brand matters—don’t risk poor translations, misinterpretations of your message and an overall poor user experience.  Let us help ensure your voice and brand are conveyed in the language of your audience.

Stay ahead of your competitors

Companies that professionally translate their website are able to engage their multilingual markets and expand their reach on a global scale. Your customers will go where they understand and are understood. Stay ahead of the competition by supporting your customers’ language needs.

What’s the difference between translation and localization, anyway?

Translation and localization are often used interchangeably, but they’re two different processes. The goal of translation—for example, with medical or legal documents—is to stay true to the original source and create a natural-sounding text that’s an accurate reflection of the original and reads as if it were written in the target language. Localization of websites and marketing materials, for example, does not aim for a literal translation of the original. Instead, localization involves adapting the source content to appeal to the target culture. Localization allows for more artistic license, as well as cultural license, to ensure that the message resonates with the intended audience.

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Major League Baseball Players Association

Multilingual Connections helps the Major League Baseball Players Association communicate with its diverse membership in close to real time. From quick messages to memos to legal documents, we rely on Multilingual Connections for quick, accurate and professional service. They get it right. - Major League Baseball Players Association

Testimonial 6

I cannot thank you and your team of professionals enough. We appreciate your hard work and patience with us! I hope we have the opportunity to work with you again soon. - Field Museum

Testimonial 5

Thank you for working quickly and efficiently with our company to translate our employee handbook. I appreciate your communication throughout this process. My expectations have been exceeded and we will definitely look to you for any future needs. - Kalahari Resorts

Testimonial 4

Multilingual Connections has done interview transcriptions and translation for our television commercials. Their speed is amazing, and it's great to know we can depend on the accuracy, especially when working with languages we don't speak natively. - Angle Park Film & Video

Testimonial 3

The team at Multilingual Connections delivers consistent quality each and every time. We had a crunch a few weeks ago to translate two very large documents into Spanish, and they delivered them with lightning speed and with perfect communication. We will continue to work closely with this friendly group for a long time! - Così

Testimonial 2

Multilingual Connections produced great quality work in a very short period of time. The transcriptions were very accurate and there were no errors related to local slang usage, something I had encountered with previous transcription companies. The timeliness of their work helped me complete my international research project on time. That’s no small feat! - University of Pennsylvania

Testimonial 1

Multilingual Connections helped us respond to an urgent RFP by translating 100+ pages of content into Spanish within a 3-day period. Given the global nature of our business, our communications materials are often required to be translated into multiple languages. I would definitely use them for our translation needs again. - Orbitz