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Rosario Santiago

Transcription Specialist

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Loves to sing

Forensic Show Fanatic

Enjoys trivia

Rosario grew up in Puerto Rico. On a trip to Italy, she fell in love with the Italian language and culture. She went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in Italian from the Ohio State University. While working as a freelance translator and interpreter, Rosario found an opportunity to work as a Spanish linguist in support of Homeland Security Investigations in the role of transcriptionist and translator. This work increased her awareness of the importance of accuracy in language translation and how it can impact one life and make a difference in communities.

One of the things Rosario loves about her work is learning about the differences in the use of the Spanish language in different countries and how that reflects the uniqueness of local cultures throughout Latin America.

Rosario is a dog lover and has 2 precious pups. She loves to sing and also enjoys road trips with no planned destination.

I’m an expert at…

Spanish<>English translation

Law Enforcement transcription

Editing and proofreading