Rachel Schastok - Multilingual Connections

Rachel Schastok

Project Manager

Loves boxing

Avid cyclist

History buff

Rachel is an Evanston native. She earned a degree in history with a focus on turn-of-the-century Chicago from the University of Chicago. As a student, she wrote and edited for the South Side Weekly and pursued her interest in languages, taking classes in Catalan, Portuguese, Spanish, and German (her heritage language). After graduation, she spent two and a half years working for a translation agency in Madrid, Spain.

Having grown up in a multicultural and multilingual household, Rachel has long understood the importance of communicating interculturally and in a way that transcends language barriers. For her, nothing is more energizing than putting all her foreign language skills to use at work.

When she’s not working, Rachel can be often found riding bikes, cooking, or participating in Chicago’s vibrant Yiddish language-learning scene.

I’m an expert at…

Intercultural communication

Spanish & Portuguese<>English translation

Language learning




Brazilian Portuguese