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Kentaro Yamada

Project Manager

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Swiss cheese plant lover

Zucchini soup aficionado

Zero garbage bags purchased since 2009

A Japanese native, Kentaro grew up splitting time between the outskirts of Tokyo and Seattle, WA. After high school in Japan, he moved to Chicago to study English. Then, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations with a concentration in East Asian studies from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Immersed in various industries, he brings to Multilingual Connections nearly a decade of professional experience, including experience as an English<>Japanese translator at nonporift Rotary International and a corporate translation project manager at CME Group.

He loves everything about languages, cultures, and cuisines. When he is not project managing, he enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, sculpting, making art, reading, and watching movies.

I’m an expert at…

Project Management

English>Japanese Translation/Editing/Voiceover


Cube Sculpture