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Kara Davis

Client Relations Director

Kara Davis

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A transplant from Louisville, Kentucky, Kara moved to Chicago in 2015 to pursue her passion for language and communication at Multilingual Connections. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish & Journalism from New York University and received a Master of Arts in International & Intercultural Communication with a concentration in human rights and migration from the University of Denver. Throughout her career, Kara has spent time living abroad in Argentina, England, and India and has supported a variety of corporate and nonprofit entities serving immigrant, refugee, and global communities.

Driven by the positive impact Multilingual Connections’ work can have on people across the world, Kara approaches her role as Client Relations Director with an eye toward creating meaningful connections between clients and their multilingual audiences. She believes that language access and human rights go hand-in-hand — creating opportunity and access to information through one’s preferred language can be critical to one’s livelihood, happiness, and success.

Outside of work, she enjoys volunteering, thrifting, traveling, learning new languages, spending time with family and friends – and exploring the city of Chicago.

I’m an expert at…

Relationship Building


Intercultural Communication