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Julia Schutt

Associate Project Manager

Julia Schutt

Loves to dance

Outdoor enthusiast

Mango devotee

Julia has a decade of professional experience in varied fields including human rights, advocacy, research, and nonprofit program management and development. She holds a Bachelors in Psychology from Connecticut College and a Masters in International Human Rights from the University of Denver and has lived and worked in Bolivia and Colombia. Julia has done Spanish to English translation and interpretation and cares deeply about the creation of meaning through words.

As a lifelong lover of linguistics and language, Julia is excited to combine those passions with her skills in stakeholder and project management at Multilingual Connections. Julia has extensive experience in understanding and meeting the needs of partners across many professional contexts, and will strive to ensure that clients feel heard and satisfied throughout the project process.

Julia’s favorite activities include hiking, biking, dancing, and experimental food making. She likes to spend her quiet time reading the New Yorker, watching Iranian cinema or Buffy reruns, and trying to learn Levantine Arabic.

I’m an expert at…

Relationship Building

Intercultural communication

Qualitative Research