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Translate, localize, and transcreate your marketing content to engage your multilingual audiences around the world.

Engage your local audiences on a global scale

marketing translation

When it comes to marketing materials, it’s not enough to translate the text – the content must be localized to reflect the culture and stylistic preferences of your target audience. Whether you need to translate email marketing campaigns to Spanish or localize your corporate website into Chinese, Multilingual Connections’ language professionals bring insight to provide powerful and culturally sensitive marketing translation in over 75 languages.

Marketing content we translate and localize

Here’s a list of examples of the types of marketing materials we work with regularly. We are happy to take on a project of any size and format.

  • Corporate brochures
  • Presentations
  • Websites
  • Press releases
  • Advertisements
  • Social media posts
  • Google ads and PPC campaigns
  • Product descriptions

download translation and transcription workbook

Ensuring project success

Wondering what you need to successfully complete your next translation project? We’ve got the answer – this workbook. Inside you’ll find key planning materials for project success.

Success Story: Engaging global markets with Üllo

Multilingual Connections built an in-country team of linguists with deep cultural understanding of target languages, markets, and audiences to provide transcreation of marketing content for a wine decanter and filter company.

How We Work

Marketing translation requires linguists who specialize in copywriting and marketing, and who understand the cultural nuances of your target audience. The linguists that we select for your project are native speakers of the target language and the same team will be working on all of your translation projects.

How is marketing translation different?

While translation usually starts with a source text, marketing translation calls for a brief, just like other marketing projects. We will work with you to understand your brand voice and the goals of your marketing project. In some cases, we develop a translation style guide for your project to maintain language consistency and streamline communications. Then, we identify the best approach for your content, whether it’s translation, localization, transcreation or a combination of all.  

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