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Are you looking to transcribe Spanish audio or video to text? Look no further!

For over fifteen years, Multilingual Connections has specialized in providing customized, professional Spanish audio transcription and translation services for organizations across the globe. 

Our team of experienced Spanish transcribers, translators, editors, proofreaders, and project managers make sure that your Spanish transcription needs are met from start to finish.

Flexible Transcription Options

Multiple speakers?  Mixed language files? Heavy accents? Frequent time coding and specific formatting? No problem – just let us know what you need. And choose from our flexible options:


You need to transcribe Spanish audio to Spanish text.


You need to transcribe Spanish audio directly to English text.

Double Column
Double-Column Transcription

You have Spanish audio and you need both Spanish text and English translation.

Industry Expertise

Audio Transcription Services

We provide professional transcription and translation services across a wide array of industries.

Education and academic: seminars, lectures, fieldwork, doctoral research and other academic transcription needs

Market research: qualitative research transcription including ethnographic research, one-on-one interviews, focus groups, video diaries, mobile journeys

Corporate: business transcription of meetings, conference calls, earnings calls, seminars, corporate training/elearning modules

Media and entertainment: transcription of documentaries, interviews, podcasts, film and television

Legal and law enforcement: transcription of depositions, trials, court proceedings, police interviews, body wires, wiretaps

Medical: transcription of medical research, focus groups, interviews, seminars, conferences, healthcare training 

Government and not-for-profit: transcription for local, state and federal government agencies and local and international non-profit organizations


We understand that your audio files often contain confidential data, and we follow best practices to ensure the confidentiality and security of your information. We use an industry-leading web-based application for secure file transfers and storage. All files are encrypted at the highest levels during transit and at rest, and our staff receives ongoing training to ensure high levels of security compliance.

Additional Services

Our services don’t stop with Spanish audio transcription. We also provide Spanish translation, creative transcreation, subtitles, and voiceover – as well as these same services in over 75 languages. We know that transcription and translation is more than just words – understanding nuance and cultural context is key and requires highly experienced human typists and linguists.

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