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When operating in multilingual communities – whether locally or internationally – linguistic accuracy and cultural sensitivity are essential. Multilingual Connections understands these needs, and our law enforcement, legal and criminal justice transcriptionists are professional linguists who maintain strict confidentiality.

Looking for law enforcement and legal transcriptions?

Law enforcement and legal transcriptions

No matter what the language, Multilingual Connections provides accurate, affordable and timely transcription services for sheriff’s departments, police departments, district attorneys, departments of corrections, law firms, attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants. Examples of the types of legal content we transcribe:

  • Public hearings
  • Wiretaps
  • Jail phone calls
  • Police interviews
  • Administrative hearings
  • Meeting minutes
  • Group discussions
  • Conferences

When working with multilingual and multicultural populations, it is important for the legal and law enforcement community to be sensitive to language needs and preferences. Our law enforcement and legal transcriptionists are highly experienced in the field, trained in legal and law enforcement terminology and procedures, and understand cultural nuances.

Legal transcription options

Different projects have different requirements. Which option best describes your needs?


Language A Language A

Use monolingual transcription if you have an audio or video file and need a transcript in the same language as the one spoken in the file.


Language A Language B

Use interpretive transcription if you have an audio or video file in one language and need a transcript in another language.

Double Column

Language A Language A & B

Use double-column transcription if have an audio or video file in one language and need a transcript in the same and in another language.

Just let us know which option is best for you, upload your files and share a few additional details: audio duration and quality, number of speakers, formatting requirements, turnaround and anything else you think will be helpful.

If you’re not sure what you need, our team of experienced project managers is ready to partner with you to find the best option for your goals and audience. We have extensive experience in the law enforcement field, and can provide informed recommendations on style and formatting to fit your needs.

How We Work

We take the time to understand your specific needs, which include everything from linguistic variations to file format and post-production specs. Our expert translators will recreate your content preserving the intent and tone for your foreign audience.

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