Film & Video - Multilingual Connections

In the ever-changing world of video sharing, film production, and documentary creation, it’s more important than ever to cater to viewers’ needs. Transcription and translation for video files is one way that content creators and filmmakers can save time and money during the process.

Share your artistic vision globally

We provide accurate and affordable transcription services for filmmakers, videographers, and video enthusiasts. We transcribe any footage format in 75+ languages for various needs, including:

  • Documentary interviews
  • Film clips and full-length films
  • Online video content
  • Training and corporate videos
  • YouTube videos

Raw Footage Transcription

Need to transcribe your interview footage? Many editors don’t require full verbatim for their raw footage, but a transcription of your footage makes cutting and pasting together a video a lot easier. We offer several flexible transcription options.


Language A Language A

Use monolingual transcription if you have an audio or video file and need a transcript in the same language as the one spoken in the file.


Language A Language B

Use interpretive transcription if you have an audio or video file in one language and need a transcript in another language.

Double Column

Language A Language A & B

Use double-column transcription if have an audio or video file in one language and need a transcript in the same and in another language.

Don’t see what you need? We can create an option that best suits you and your distributor. We can include just those elements you need, leaving out any that you don’t, making the most cost-effective use of your production budget.

How We Work

We take the time to understand your specific needs, which include everything from linguistic variations to file format and post-production specs. Our expert translators will recreate your content preserving the intent and tone for your foreign audience.

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