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Whether your business is local or global, audio to text services can help you streamline administrative tasks, stay on track with goals and projects, and save valuable time. Our transcriptionists help ensure your message is understood by your multilingual employees or international customers. Business transcription is not just about words – cultural nuance matters.

Looking for business audio transcription?

No matter what the language, Multilingual Connections provides accurate, affordable and timely business transcription and translation. Since 2005, we’ve worked with businesses of all types and across the world to transcribe:

  • Corporate meetings
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Interviews
  • Training
  • Webinars
  • Market research
  • Conference calls
  • Earnings calls

Have a Zoom recording? We support all audio and video formats and create custom solutions whether transcription is the first step or last step of your process.

Flexible business transcription options

Different projects have different requirements. Which option best describes your needs?


Language A Language A

Use monolingual transcription if you have an audio or video file and need a transcript in the same language as the one spoken in the file.


Language A Language B

Use interpretive transcription if you have an audio or video file in one language and need a transcript in another language.

Double Column

Language A Language A & B

Use double-column transcription if have an audio or video file in one language and need a transcript in the same and in another language.

Just let us know which option is best for you, upload your files and share a few additional details: audio duration and quality, number of speakers, formatting requirements, turnaround, and anything else you think will be helpful. If you’re not sure what you need, our team of experienced project managers is ready to partner with you to find the best option for your goals and audience. From there, we’ll provide you a quote with our competitive pricing and turnaround. We’ll deliver your business transcripts ready for use.

How We Work

We combine language and culture expertise, innovative technology, and proven quality assurance measures to provide customized language solutions. Our translators are industry experts who are carefully chosen for your project based on their education and professional experience to support your needs in every language.

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