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Reach new markets, engage your multilingual audiences, and grow your business in more than 75 languages. Help users around the world easily discover and use your website or app with our website translation and localization services.

Professional Website Translation Services

Your website is your first point of contact with your customers and your first impression. It’s the face of your brand and that’s why we make sure your website is consistent, tells the story of your brand, and resonates with your audience in every language.

By translating your website, you provide a better user experience to your customers who don’t speak your language, you establish credibility and grow your global sales. You will stay ahead of the competition and show your customers that you’re ready to invest in them.

Every website localization project is different – a lot depends on the languages and locales, target audiences, content types, but there are common processes and technologies that will ensure that your project is a success from its strategic planning to multisite go-live and beyond.

Let us help you connect with your audiences across languages, cultures, and in any format or device – exactly as you intended.

App Localization Services

As a mobile app developer, one of your main goals is to increase your app’s visibility and exposure. Our team of professional translators and project managers are experts at translating and managing online content. We make it as easy as possible for you – all you need to do is provide us with the localization files (.xliff, .json or any other format). Then, our apps and software localization experts will pre-process and analyze the files and extract words for translation.

App localization projects require specific workflows that typically run at the same time as the larger website localization efforts. To help you successfully localize all of your content types, choose a trusted global language solutions company like Multilingual Connections with in-house software and media localization expertise.

QR Codes for Multilingual Content

From menus and product packaging to museum exhibits and even Super Bowl ads – QR codes are everywhere. QR code translation is a great option because it offers flexibility for connecting with your multilingual audience. Whether you are constrained by signage and labels, looking to save on print costs, or want to give quick and easy access to content, QR codes can be an effective way to deliver your multilingual messaging to your diverse audience.

Our QR code translation solutions integrate multilingual digital content and allow you to extend your message in multiple languages. Talk to us about our fully integrated QR code solutions for your multilingual needs.  

What’s the difference between translation and localization?

Translation and localization are often used interchangeably, but they’re two different processes.


The goal of translation – for example, with medical or legal documents – is to stay true to the original source and create a natural-sounding text that’s an accurate reflection of the original and reads as if it were written in the target language.


Localization involves adapting the source content to appeal to the target culture. Each different region is a combination of the language and the culture of the country it’s spoken in. Think of English spoken in the United States versus the United Kingdom; or Spanish spoken in Spain versus in Argentina.

While translation stays true to the original source, localization allows for more artistic and cultural creativity, to ensure that the message resonates with the intended audience. Depending on your content and goals, we will recommend using one or the other, or a mix of both.

Which languages should I include in my website localization strategy?

Marketing collateral translation

The languages you choose for your website localization project depend on your global business goals which are informed by the opportunity and potential return on investment (ROI) of your target markets, countries, or locales.

In many countries, domestic markets have large and growing populations of non-native speakers. In the U.S., for example, there is not only a huge potential in the Spanish-speaking markets, but also Chinese, French, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Korean, German, Arabic, and Russian.

How We Work

We combine language and culture expertise, innovative technology, and proven quality assurance measures to provide customized language solutions. Our translators are industry experts who are carefully chosen for your project based on their education and professional experience to support your website translation and localization needs in every language.

Defining your website localization strategy

Website Translation and Localization

A web localization strategy is an extension of your business plan: if you’re a global business, or going global, you need to produce local content, including your website. As you plan your source-language content – whether English or otherwise – you should also plan for your global content needs.

Ultimately, a successful website localization project in your target language will look as professional and true to your brand as your source website.

As you plan for localizing your website, do the best you can to prepare a cross-functional team of stakeholders and then rely on the knowledge and experience of a trusted language solutions company like Multilingual Connections to help you execute on your localization strategy.

Graphics & Multimedia Localization

Marketing translation and Desktop PublishingWhen localizing graphics, it’s always more efficient and cost-effective if you can provide the original Photoshop or Illustrator source files. However, if you have PDF documents or graphics with embedded text without source files, we will provide DTP (desktop publishing) services to rebuild the files.

Our graphic designers will analyze and modify your images, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (PPTs), animated gifs, Flash banners, and more.

And if you have video, HTML5, Flash files (vector-graphic animation technology), audio, or other media for localization, we provide voiceover and subtitling services to further localize your content. Access to your multimedia source files can reduce costs, accelerate turnaround times, and increase final output quality. Schedule a free consultation to find the right localization options for all your multimedia assets.

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