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Let our multilingual voice talent ensure that your video and audio content can reach speakers of other languages across the globe. We provide dubbing and voiceover for films, documentaries, commercials, TV shows, eLearning and training, webcasts, games, museum tours, and other video and audio content in 75+ languages.

Tell your story in your voice, but in the language of your audience

Our multimedia localization team has extensive experience managing multilingual voiceover projects and finding the perfect voice for your target audience. We work exclusively with native-speaking voiceover talent and professional recording studios to ensure excellent sound and production quality. Our experienced project managers work with a diverse roster of voice talents to find the right regional dialect, accent, gender and style to fit your project. When we’re done, we deliver your files in the format you require and ensure that the content syncs perfectly with your video. Our team has experience in different types voiceover of services, including lip-sync dubbing, UN-style voiceover, and off-screen narration. We partner with you to find the right option for your project and budget. Our voiceover projects include:

Animated videos

Audio tours


Voicemail/IVR voiceover

Documentary narration

Audiobook narration

Training modules


Corporate videos

Translation and Localization for Voiceover Projects

Voiceover projects can take many forms. You may have a script in a language that you need to be recorded in the same language. Or, you may have an audio track that you need translated and recorded in a different language to sync with a video. We will partner with you to understand your specific needs, which include everything from linguistic variations to file format and post-production specs. Our dedicated project managers, expert translators, and professional voice talents work together to provide you with linguistically and culturally accurate translation and multilingual voiceover services. Our goal is to keep your intent and messaging in mind as we recreate your content for your target audience.

Voiceover or Subtitling?

Voiceover is a great option to make your video more engaging for your target audience. If the goal for your video project is to create easy-to-understand, highly engaging content, voiceover is likely your best choice. The cultural nuance of your audience is also important to consider. In some countries, dubbed voiceovers are the norm for translated movies and TV shows, so viewers in these countries expect voiceovers.

In other cases, subtitling or captioning is the way to go. This could be due to cultural norms for a certain region for movies and TV shows. Or, if your project has a more limited budget, subtitles are a more cost-effective translation solution. The accessibility needs of the audience could also make subtitling or captioning a better choice.

Our multimedia team will discuss your project goals and audience needs and help you figure out which option is best for you!

eLearning Voiceover

We regularly work on localizing eLearning and rich media projects, videos, courses for online platforms, and PowerPoint presentations. If you have a question about an eLearning localization project, just let us know!

How We work

Our expert linguists and dedicated project managers are located around the world and available to prepare free quotes and take on new voiceover projects. This means you always have a dedicated point of contact to answer any questions you may have throughout the duration of your projects.

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