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Multilingual Connections helps your organization deliver linguistically and culturally appropriate training and instruction for your employees and customers around the globe – or right here at home. Our eLearning and corporate training translation services support multiple training platforms and allow you to provide localized instruction wherever you need it.

Looking for eLearning translation?

Translation for corporate training and elearning

By localizing your training content for the language of your audience, you ensure that your message is accurate and understood across languages and cultures. Whether you’re conducting your training in person or online, let Multilingual Connections translate and localize your corporate training content and other online teaching resources:

  • Learning management and learning content management systems
  • Web-based training programs
  • Certification programs and self-paced assessments
  • Corporate training
  • Multimedia applications
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Webinars
  • Simulations
  • Videos
  • Online one-on-one coaching

Flexible options for eLearning localization

Text only

Translating just the text of your eLearning content – an affordable way to get the job done.


Translation of slides and notes – when you need the full content including layout and design.

Slides plus voiceover

Translation of slides and notes plus multilingual voiceover or subtitling of the training scripts – we provide professional multimedia services to help you achieve your goals and maximize efficiency.

Video subtitling and voiceover

For videos with a global reach, we provide subtitling and voiceover services. We will deliver your files separately or follow your formatting guidelines to install them into the video file.

We provide professional multimedia services to help you achieve your goals and maximize efficiency.

We localize eLearning content, including:

  • Global HR and learning courses
  • Health and safety training
  • Compliance
  • Technical training
  • Soft skills
  • Blended learning
  • Sales training
  • Job and performance skills

How We Work

We customize our solutions to provide as much of the content localization as you need in a way that works best for you. We work with multiple platforms across 75 languages and deliver your translated eLearning course modules following the appropriate security protocols and in the format you require.

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