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Multilingual Connections’ professional interpretation services bring our expert interpreters onsite to your meeting, training, conference, appointment or deposition. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience for you, no matter the language, industry or setting.

Looking for on-site interpreters?

Multilingual Connections offers consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in over 75 languages for your on-site needs.

Our interpretation expertise includes:

  • Corporate settings, such as boardroom meetings, focus groups, factory, and manufacturing-related tours, and plant and machinery audits
  • Legal settings, including trials, depositions, arbitration, and asylum and immigration hearings
  • Conferences and trade shows
  • Educational settings, such as academic meetings and lectures
  • Government agencies foreign dignitary visits
  • Market research contexts, including ethnographic interviews and focus groups
  • Healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, patients’ homes, and other healthcare facilities
  • Insurance situations, such as Independent Medical Evaluation (IME), workers’ compensation hearings, employee benefits presentations, and claim investigations

What type of interpretation do I need?

Consecutive interpretation is ideal for meetings and events where participants are able to speak in short segments and willing to wait patiently for the interpreter to translate. This is the best option for most medical and legal settings and for small group discussions. Presentations can sometimes be interpreted consecutively, provided the speaker is comfortable accommodating the time for translation.

Simultaneous interpretation is the best option to connect with your audience at conferences, meetings, and events where a speaker is presenting without pause. It can also be used in scenarios where there are time limits and participants do not wish to pause for interpretation. In addition to on-site simultaneous interpretation, remote simultaneous interpretation is an increasingly desired service for conferences and presentations. For simultaneous interpretation, we provide booth set-up and equipment rental.

How We Work

We combine language and culture expertise, innovative technology, and proven quality assurance measures to provide customized language solutions. Our translators are industry experts who are carefully chosen for your project based on their education and professional experience to support your needs in every language.

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