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Use this Price Estimator to order translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, transcripts, and more!

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Personal Document Translation FAQ

Standard pricing and turnaround times

Use the quote estimator above to get an estimate of your personal document translation price. Note this is standard and we will need to review the documents to provide an accurate pricing estimate and turnaround time. If the language pair you are looking for is not in the estimator, that means we will need more time to generate a quote. Reach out to us here.

What's your process for translating vital records?

To ensure the highest quality, Multilingual Connections utilizes a 3-step translation process. First, the document is assigned to a professional linguist to translate. Then, another professional linguist is assigned to edit the translation. Lastly, an experienced project manager reviews the file and does one final quality assurance check to ensure that the document meets all of the client requirements before delivery. 

How will the formatting of the translation compare to the formatting of the original document?

Our linguists are usually unable to recreate the exact formatting of the original document which they are translating. For example, any official seals, insignias, or signatures will not be replicated in the translation. However, the translated document will be formatted in a way which approximates the formatting of the original document, and we will allow you to review the formatting of the translated documents and request any necessary changes.

Will this certified translation be accepted by [x]?

Generally speaking, our translations are accepted by the vast majority of the organizations which they are being prepared for, including USCIS. However, before starting the translation project, we will provide a sample of our notarized Certificate of Accuracy, which you may present to the organization in order to confirm that it will satisfy their requirements.

What's an apostille and why might you need one?

An apostille is a verification of the legitimacy and authenticity of an official document from a national government. An apostille is only valid if it has been affixed by the government of the country in which the document was issued. For example, official U.S. documents may only be apostilled by an appropriate representative of the United States government. While Multilingual Connections does not provide apostille services, we are happy to refer you to our partner, Express Apostille.


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