Professional Interpretation Services

Professional Interpreters are vital to cross a language barrier in real time. Multilingual Connections offers both in-person and telephonic (OPI) interpretation services. Our interpreters can be scheduled for in-person assignments across the country or to interpret over the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
We send interpreters to conferences, legal settings, hospitals, business meetings and schools, among other settings. The interpreters at Multilingual Connections are native speakers that are qualified and specialize in particular fields and industries.

Why Multilingual Connections?

Bilingual and bicultural interpreting professionals

Multilingual Connections provides professional interpretation services for meetings, conferences and phone callsOur professional interpreters are dedicated linguists with years of interpreting experience, industry expertise and skill in a variety of settings—conferences, meetings, legal proceedings, healthcare interactions, focus groups, phone calls and more. Our linguists are carefully screened for bilingual expertise and thorough knowledge of nuances, vocabularies and idiomatic expressions in their respective languages. Our interpreters have native fluency in their language pairs and are equipped with specialized skills for both simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation.

Subject-matter understanding when interpreting

Whether you are hosting a group of international visitors for a convention or trade show, planning a meeting with an international distributor, or planning an event abroad, our interpreters will enable you to effortlessly communicate across cultures.

Cost-effective pricing

Our pricing is based on event length, language, geographical location, and technical requirements of the interpreting assignment. We offer competitive rates to our customers while still ensuring our skilled interpreters are compensated appropriately.

Speedy reservations

We have a large team of professional interpreters ready to assist you. Simply call or submit an inquiry on our website, speak with our friendly staff about your event, and we’ll confirm an interpreter right away.

Friendly staff

Our staff is responsive, professional, and courteous – we’re also detail-oriented and determined to help you ensure that your event is a success. When you call us to provide your interpreter services, you can rest assured that you’ve got a whole team on your side.

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