Tigrinya Language Services

At Multilingual Connections, we offer professional Tigrinya translation, transcription and interpretation services. Our team draws on over a decade of experience serving clients worldwide, and we’re proud to call ourselves language professionals. Not the page you were looking for? Try one of our other languages.

Professional Tigrinya Translations

We employ a team of native speakers familiar with local dialects and idioms in order to ensure linguistic accuracy. We offer accurate translation services for both business and personal documents, including employee handbooks, inter-office communications, birth certificates and more. With our staff holding accreditation from the American Translators Association (or international equivalent) you can trust us to maintain the integrity of your content.

Tigrinya Audio & Video Transcriptions

You can count on us to transcribe any audio or video content. From market research, to legal proceedings, we offer three transcription options:

  • Monolingual (source language > written source language)
  • Interpretive (source language > target language)
  • Double-Column (both of the above side by side)

Unsure which you would like? Consult with one of our team and we’ll help you find the best value option for your needs.

Tigrinya Interpretations

For real-time help bridging language gaps, consider using one of our team of interpreters. Telephonic (OPI) services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to meet your company’s needs. If you are looking for a more personal touch, we can schedule a certified interpreter to facilitate in person communication at schools, hospitals, conferences and more.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Tigrinya Translating, Transcribing, and Interpreting Needs?

With Multilingual Connections, you have access to experienced professional translation, transcription and interpretation services that will work with your timeframe and budget needs. We make your life easier by providing support along the way and results you can count on. Try us today and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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