Slovak Language Services

Multilingual Connections is a leading company for language services, with native speakers of over 75 different languages waiting to help you with translation, transcription, and live interpretation. Our team can move from Slovak to English, English to Slovak, or between any of our other languages. We hire native speakers because it takes someone who has grown up with the language to understand its subtleties well enough to deliver services of the highest quality and free from errors.

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Slovak is the primary language of Slovakia.

The Importance of Slovak

Slovak is a West Slavic language like Czech and Polish. It has speakers all over the world, but most of them are located in Slovakia, where it is the primary official language. It is also an official language in Serbia, the Czech Republic and the European Union. It is a major language of the northern Balkans, making it important for anyone doing business, conducting research or otherwise working in that region.

Slovak Translations

Our team of Slovak translators is adept at translating source documents to or from Slovak. Furthermore, they have the expertise to translate a wide variety of technical and complex texts from diverse fields, so you know that you will always have an expert you can rely on to provide you with an accurate and nuanced translation. Slovak translations are much harder for non-native speakers to complete accurately, and that’s why Multilingual Connections only uses certified native speakers for all of our translations.

Slovak Transcriptions

Our team also works on Slovak transcriptions of video and audio source files. Whether you need something transcribed into Slovak, or you have Slovak source material that you need transcribed into a different language, Multilingual Connections has an expert on staff who can help. Working on Slovak transcription is difficult because it requires hearing the language without getting caught up in accents, dialects and similar obstacles. Native speakers have a much easier time doing transcription work than others because they are already familiar with the complexities of spoken Slovak.

Slovak Interpretations

Interpretation is an advanced language service that Multilingual Connections is happy to provide. Whether you are conducting a conversation in person or over the phone, our Slovak interpreters will facilitate your communication smoothly and accurately. When one of the parties is speaking Slovak, using a native speaking interpreter is the best way to have a conversation, because it permits real-time interaction without forcing you to turn to translated emails or other alternatives.

About the Slovak Language

As a West Slavic language, Slovak is most closely related to Czech. In fact, some dialects of Czech and Slovak are mutually intelligible, as are some portions of Polish and Sorbian. Slovak uses a Latin alphabet with additional accent marks for a writing system.

Slovak Dialects

Slovak has four major groups of dialects, and each of them is somewhat separated from the others due to mountain ranges that intervene between their regions. While they are largely mutually intelligible, some of them, like the most extreme eastern and western dialects, have significantly lower mutual intelligibility. No matter which dialect you require work in, Multilingual Connections has a language specialist to assist you.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Slovak Language Needs

Multilingual Connections uses native-born translators, transcribers and interpreters capable of advanced language service work in any field or area, from business to law to research. We always have an expert who understands the terminology you need to convey and can do it quickly, professionally and at a reasonable cost.

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