Korean Language Services

Multilingual Connections is an industry-leading language services company. We provide translation, transcription and interpretation for Korean. We can perform services for moving from Korean to English, English to Korean or any other combination, because our company has expert staff familiar with over 75 different languages. Multilingual Connection’s team of Korean language specialists are all native speakers who are certified by either the American Translators Association or similar organization within their home country.

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Korean is the official language of both South and North Korea.

The Importance of Korean

Korean is the official language of both South and North Korea. South Korea is a major business and technology nation, with a rapidly growing economy and auto and tech products that are appearing all over the world. As South Korea continues to grow as an economic force, more companies will have need of expert translation, transcription and interpretation services.

Korean Translations

Korean translations are especially challenging because of the Korean writing system, which uses phonetic letters grouped into picture characters to form syllables, called the Hangul system. To ensure you receive only the highest quality of work we employ experienced native speakers to complete all of our Korean translation work. We want to ensure nothing gets lost in translation and any translated work maintains the same nuances and meaning as the original text. We also will follow any formatting and style requirements you have for the finished text. We can translate business documents, legal documents or anything else.

Korean Transcriptions

If you have a Korean video or audio file that you need a transcription of then Multilingual Connections has the capabilities. We can deliver Korean transcriptions of any kind of content, from business and legal to cultural research, interviews, and documentaries. Our three levels of transcription services include: transcribing audio into the source language, into the language of your choice or providing side-by-side text of both the source and target languages.

Korean Interpretations

If you are conducting business with Korean speakers it’s best to acquire the services of a Korean interpreter. Interpreters who work in real time in person or over the phone are the best way to facilitate a conversation across the language barrier. Each Korean interpreter we have on staff is familiar with technical language in many different fields, so you can rest assured that your conversation with retain full meaning for everyone involved.

About the Korean Language

Korean originally used borrowed Chinese characters for writing, but in the last century the government created the Hangul alphabet as a replacement. Korean has about 77 million native speakers, and it is not genetically related to any other known language, making it especially difficult to learn for non-native speakers.

Korean Dialects

Korean has several notable dialects based on geographic regions. Each dialect has distinctive approaches to tone and unique vocabulary. Language services involving Korean need therefore to be sensitive to the fact that each dialect needs to be handled in its own way.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Korean Language Needs

Multilingual Connections has the best team for Korean language services due to our reliance on native speakers, along with our experience in working within many varied fields. We always have an expert who can help you with your specific needs. Furthermore, our workers are professional and provide an excellent, smooth customer experience. If you need a certified translator, transcriber or interpreter, then you should get in touch with us first. We are a one stop shop for any and all Korean language needs you might have.

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