Icelandic Language Services

Multilingual Connections furnishes comprehensive language translation, transcription and interpretation services in 75 different languages, including Icelandic, to corporations and businesses in need. We provide highly skilled native speakers for all of your language requirements. Today the importance of international global communications makes accurate, timely, nuanced language services vitally important.

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Icelandic became the official language of Iceland in 2011, although numerous residents of Iceland spoke this language for generations prior to that date.

The Importance of Icelandic

Icelandic became the official language of Iceland in 2011, although numerous residents of Iceland spoke this language for generations prior to that date. Today, anyone interested in conducting business in Iceland benefits from understanding the language. Many volcanologists and geologists have research stations throughout Iceland and require Icelandic language assistance. Our team has also assisted numerous firms engaged in the hospitality industry, including airlines, cruise ship companies, hotels and tour guides that do business in Iceland.

Icelandic Translations

Multilingual Connections provides accurate Icelandic translations using the services of native speakers. An Icelandic translator will enable you to communicate accurately and rapidly in a wide variety of settings. We work with 75 different languages, so we can translate to and from Icelandic into a number of languages. All our translators have obtained certification from the American Translators Association or an equivalent organization in their home countries. We can communicate the nuances of language clearly. Whether you require translation assistance for correspondence, business literature, news articles, academic texts or sales materials, we can assist you.

Icelandic Transcriptions

We offer Icelandic transcriptions in a form that best suits the needs of your business. We will translate in either a single column producing text from an Icelandic audio source, or provide an interpretative transcription where we transcribe Icelandic audio into your target language. We also can provide double column transcription, displaying text in the original language alongside your target language. Since we work with 75 different languages, this service proves very convenient. Our skilled transcribers accommodate any digital format. We’ll send you the final transcript in Microsoft Word.

Icelandic Interpretations

We offer Icelandic interpretations at competitive rates. An Icelandic interpreter supplied by Multilingual Connections interprets to and from Icelandic with ease. Our interpretation services include over 75 languages. We’ll facilitate immediate professional communication over the phone, Internet or in person. If you require immediate interpretation of conference presentations, classes, tours, radio broadcasts or business meetings, we can meet your objectives. Our skilled interpreters possess both the extensive vocabulary and the confidence to facilitate rapid communications between people who do not understand one another’s languages well. The presence of a knowledgeable, sensitive interpreter can enhance many functions and prevent communications errors.

About the Icelandic Language

Today, people speak Icelandic primarily in Iceland. Some 330,000 residents of that North Atlantic nation use this language on a daily basis. Additionally, several thousand Icelandic speakers reside in the United States and Canada. The language uses a Latin alphabet and still retains two additional letters discarded by English speakers.

Icelandic Dialects

Over the past fifty years, virtually all Icelandic dialects have disappeared. Of those remaining the differences are so minimal most people agree that Icelandic has no dialects. In any case your language specialists are fully aware of the minor regional differences and will ensure your translations, transcriptions and interpretations take those differences into account.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Icelandic Language Needs

Multilingual Connections is available whenever and wherever you require the skills of a certified Icelandic translator, transcriber or interpreter. We’ll translate to and from Icelandic and a second language of your choosing. We offer comprehensive translations, transcriptions and interpretations in 75 languages, including Icelandic. Our professional language services help your company remain competitive in the global marketplace.

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