Ibo Language Services

Multilingual Connection’s Ibo language experts provide world-class translation, transcription and interpretation services for individuals and businesses across the world. Our Ibo language experts are trained professionals with native-level speaking skills, and strive to exceed the needs and expectations of every client. Our language specialists can provide these services from Ibo to English, English to Ibo and any of our other languages.

ibo language services: translations, transcriptions and interpretations

Ibo is the primary native language of the Ibo people of Nigeria, one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa.

The Importance of Ibo

Ibo is the primary native language of the Ibo people of Nigeria, one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa. As an official language of Nigeria, it is frequently encountered in the Nigerian agricultural and petroleum industries. Significant efforts are being undertaken by Linguistic Anthropologists and cultural leaders to preserve the language, which is considered endangered due to historical efforts to suppress its use. Preservation and revival efforts are meeting with some success and are gaining momentum.

Ibo Translations

Multilingual Connections provides top-tier translation services for the Ibo language. We employ an experienced team of native-speaking translators and editors to translate your documents to and from Ibo. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, and strive to produce the most accurate and timely Ibo translations in the industry. Our translation team excels at handling the most complex tasks, and augments their native-speaking ability with state-of-the-art translating technology. Our translators work in a variety of platforms and formats, and are adept at targeting specific dialects and contexts.

Ibo Transcriptions

Our expert linguists provide the highest quality audio and video transcription. We provide monolingual, interpretive and double column transcription expertise for any digital format. Our transcription expertise is all inclusive, from focus group files to documentaries, legal documents and more. Our transcription experts are highly experienced and detail oriented, and will provide the highest quality Ibo transcriptions to fit your every need.

Ibo Interpretations

Our certified Ibo interpreters are highly qualified linguists with years of experience in Ibo interpretation. We know that being a successful Ibo interpreter requires more than just bilingual proficiency, and our language professionals strive to meet an excelling standard. Multilingual Connections provides interpreters for face-to-face meetings, conferences, phone interpretation, conference calls and virtual interviews. Our interpreters have expertise to match every professional need, including extensive legal, business and medical knowledge. Using an experienced interpreter will allow you to break through language barriers, correct misunderstandings, and establish strong working relationships across cultures.

About the Ibo Language

The Ibo language is spoken by 25 million native speakers in southeastern Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea. Primarily spoken by the Ibo people, it is an official language of Nigeria and a minority language in Equatorial Guinea. Ibo is written in the Latin script.

Ibo Dialects

There are over 20 Ibo dialects spoken today. Major dialects include the Waawa, Enuani, and Ngwa dialects. The Waawa speakers are divided into several communities, which each have their own distinct dialect from the Central Ibo Language. Enuani is the dominant dialect in Delta State, and is very close to standard Ibo in many ways. The Ngwa dialect is spoken by the most populous ethnicity in southeastern Nigeria.

Why Use Multilingual Connections for Your Ibo Language Needs

The importance of professional language translation, transcription, and interpretation in the modern global market cannot be understated. We will match you with the most qualified Ibo translator for your needs, in order to ensure the best outcome for your business goals. When you take advantage of our translation, transcription and interpretation services your goals will be advanced in several key ways. First, lines of communication that would not have otherwise been possible will open up. Second, the speed and efficiency of communications will be greatly enhanced, saving valuable time and money. Third, establishing and maintaining clear lines of communication will prevent costly misunderstandings and improve your standing with your business partners.

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