Telephone interpretation services

Do you need professional, fluent interpreters at a moment’s notice—anywhere in the world?

Multilingual Connections’ telephone interpreters are available on demand 24/7/365.

Your language needs can’t always be predictable and scheduled in advance. Whether you have a customer service inquiry, conference call, medical appointment, deposition or any other interpretation need, count on our phone interpreters to ensure quick, effective and smooth communication.

Always available

Our phone interpreters are available around the clock, so call us any time, any day, and you’ll be connected to one of our professional telephone interpreters in less than a minute.

All languages and industries

We offer phone interpretation services in over 200 languages and accommodate all industries, including healthcare, legal, government, insurance and general business.

Flexible and cost-effective phone interpretation

Easy set-up and no minimum charges—what can be easier? You’ll receive a toll-free number and code, and you’ll be provided a detailed usage report each month.

Contact us with questions or to set up your phone interpretation now!