Professional Onsite Interpretation

Multilingual Connections’ professional interpretation services bring our expert interpreters onsite to your meeting, training, conference, appointment or deposition. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience for you, no matter what the language, industry or setting.

Looking for onsite interpreters?

Multilingual Connections offers consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in over 75 languages for your onsite needs.

With consecutive interpretation, the speaker uses short sentences or paragraphs and then pauses so that the interpreter can interpret what has just been said into the target language.  With simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter provides real-time interpretation of what the speaker says into the target language, without a pause between segments. This mode is highly demanding and requires that interpreters work in pairs and alternate.  For simultaneous interpretation, we provide booth set-up and equipment rental.

Our interpretation expertise includes:

  • Corporate settings such as boardroom meetings, focus groups, factory and manufacturing-related tours, plant and machinery audits.
  • Legal settings, such as trials, depositions, arbitration, asylum and immigration hearings
  • Conferences and trade shows
  • Educational settings, such as academic meetings and lectures
  • Government agencies foreign dignitary visits
  • Market research, including ethnographic interviews and focus groups
  • Healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, patients’ homes and other healthcare facilities
  • Insurance needs, such as Independent Medical Evaluation (IME), workers’ compensation hearings, employee benefits presentation and claim investigations

Additional services

In addition to interpretation, we also provide translation, transcription, voiceover and subtitling.

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The only way to ensure dependable, fast, quality translations was working directly with a nimble translation company that could flex with my needs and that would see my translations as a top priority.  Multilingual Connections was fully willing and able to create new processes and adapt existing ones to meet the challenges of our program.

Yale School of Medicine

I was intrigued by Multilingual Connections’ ability to do transcriptions in multiple languages. One of my areas of medical research is in the provision of medical care to recent immigrants and so this is right up my alley, and it is particularly nice to work with one organization who can do work in multiple languages. It's clear that the transcriptionists are expert and have listening and verbal fluency in my languages of interest, and the staff are so responsive, honest, and clear about what I can expect and when. They are a pleasure to work with.

Orbitz Worldwide

At Orbitz Worldwide, we used Multilingual Connections to translate over 100 pages of an RFP response to a major Latin American airline. We had to engage Multilingual late in the game with only a few days to complete the project. They were incredibly effective in managing the work quickly and efficiently and, most importantly, with a high-quality end-product. Their people were professional and communicative, letting us know the steps in the project and keeping us informed throughout. They completed the work on time in just a few days and we were able to remit our response timely and win the work! A native Spanish speaker on our staff also read the final document and confirmed it was error-free. Great company, nice people, excellent quality! 

Field Museum

We always strive to better understand and enhance our visitors' experiences at the Museum. We wanted to make sure that most of our visitors had an opportunity to participate and give their feedback. By translating our exit survey from English into several other languages we are able to include more voices and more experiences in our dataset. Multilingual Connections’ team is quick to reply to emails, answer questions and get you what you need. It was a seamless process and the turnaround time was great.


I am the owner of a digital business and needed to have some translation work done in preparation for our launch, as well as planning for ongoing work for our platform's needs, as we are an education company. I was greatly impressed by the quality of the customer service and professionalism of the company as a whole, and the CEO stood out to me as someone who I can trust with strategic as well as tactical discussions. I am very happy to be working with this team, knowing my translation needs are not just being met but exceeded. Excellent company. Highly recommend.

University of Pennsylvania

Multilingual Connections produced great quality work in a very short period of time. The transcriptions were very accurate and there were no errors related to local slang usage, something I had encountered with previous transcription companies. The timeliness of their work helped me complete my international research project on time. That’s no small feat!

Cosi Inc

The team at Multilingual Connections delivers consistent quality each and every time. We had a crunch a few weeks ago to translate two very large documents into Spanish, and they delivered them with lightning speed and with perfect communication. We will continue to work closely with this friendly group for a long time!


Multilingual Connections is a class act. Prompt, accurate, work within your time frame, priced fairly and a pleasant staff. What more could you ask for in looking for a company you work with every month. You Rock Multilingual Connections!

The Navarre Law Firm

Multilingual Connections is the best translation company...period! I use this company for document translation, and there is no reason to use anyone else of this service. Their translations are always of the highest quality and customer service is unbeatable!

We have worked with Multilingual Connections for years. We'll never use another translation service! I have tried others and they're nowhere near the quality of Multilingual Connections. All of our clients have been extremely pleased. In almost a decade of partnering with them on hundreds of projects, only one document has needed to be changed at all. That's amazing! And, unheard of. Great work you all!!

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