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The legal world is built on nuance. It involves handling thousands of documents in multiple languages in tight deadlines. And when the stakes are that high, you need a language partner you can trust to deliver your legal translations with expertise, accuracy, and speed.

Accurate and timely legal translation and transcription services

Legal and law enforcement translation services

Whether you’re a part of a law firm, an in-house legal team, or an individual looking to translate your personal documents, we understand your need for accurate and confidential language services. That’s why we offer comprehensive language solutions ranging from translation and transcription to interpreting in over 75+ languages. Our large team of professional legal language and subject matter experts will take on a project of any size or format:

  • Business plans
  • Letters of intent
  • Annual reports
  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Applications
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Use
  • Public hearings
  • Wiretaps
  • Jail phone calls
  • Police interviews
  • Administrative hearings
  • Meeting minutes
  • Group discussions

Legal Interpretation Services

In the legal world, a single word can affect the entire outcome. Our skilled interpreters bring their linguistic expertise and experience to your interview, hearing, or deposition and capture the meaning and intent of the speakers. Choose from the legal interpretation services including onsite, remote, and over the phone.

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How We Work

We take the time to understand your specific needs, from linguistic variations, to file format, and beyond. Our expert translators maintain the intent and tone of the source content and deliver quality work for any multilingual audience.

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