State of IL Project Launch - Multilingual Connections

Additional Information

  • TRANSLATION AND TRANSCRIPTION: Multilingual Connections provides written translation and audio transcription services for the State of Illinois in over 75 languages. We have a dedicated team of project managers and linguists to serve our State clients.
  • IN-PERSON INTERPRETATION: Our subcontractor InterpreNet provides in-person interpretation services for the State of Illinois as part of our contract. InterpreNet manages in-person interpretation services directly, while Multilingual Connections manages the billing. For in-person interpretation services, please call InterpreNet directly at 312-928-1188
  • TELEPHONIC INTERPRETATION: The contract for telephonic interpretation for the State of Illinois is a different contract and is held by a company called Propio. For telephonic interpretation needs, please contact Propio’s CMS Account Manager Windy Taylor at 913-396-6045 or
  • INVOICING or PAYMENT QUESTIONS: Please contact our Operations Manager Ted Jackson at with any questions about invoices and payments. Additionally, if you require a copy of the State of Illinois Master Contract, let us know.
  • Multilingual Connections EIN – 20-2543836