How We Can Help: COVID-19 Partner Toolkit | Translation Services

We at Multilingual Connections pride ourselves on our partnership approach. That means that we are your partner from start to finish: your project manager will get to know you, your brand, and your preferences from the inside out and will work on your behalf to find ways to cut costs and save time in operations. What that means today is that we are thinking of you and optimizing our processes to make sure that we can help you at this unprecedented time. If you have any questions, concerns, or just need someone to chat with, please reach out to us – no matter how far, we are just a phone call away. 

Download Our Covid-19 Spanish<>English Glossary

Ensuring consistent terminology in translation is always important, but even more so during critical times like these. We want to help you, your organization or your community address the current pandemic – our in-house Spanish linguist team put together a Spanish <> English Covid-19 glossary, which anyone can download as an Excel file.

You can use it in your CAT tool or share it with your translator – we hope it will help you standardize the vocabulary related to Covid-19 and deliver accurate information when it matters most.

Accurate and Culturally Relevant Translation Services

If some of your stakeholders are non-native speakers, it would be best to translate all of the necessary materials to their native language to ensure they have access to any vital information.  

From internal communications to targeting a localized audience, we can handle your content from start to finish: from translation straight to the overlay of voice over. 

Webinar and Video Call Transcription

We see a growing number of virtual meetings, webinars, and company town halls – all of those include critical information, such as new policies, COVID-19 related communication, and company pivots. After your video call is over, it’s best to share that information in writing with your colleagues, contact us for flexible transcription options in over 75 languages. 

Remote Interpretation for Your Video Calls and Conferences

As large events and conferences have been canceled, video conferencing is now widely adopted as an alternative. And you have an opportunity to reach people across the world, including non-native English speakers with services like telephonic interpretation and remote simultaneous interpretation. We can handle all URLs, apps, and platforms, just let us know!

Voiceover & Subtitling: Your Message in the Language of Your Audience

With your audiences based at home, there are huge spikes in internet traffic, video views, and e-Learning demand. Our multimedia localization team has extensive experience managing multilingual voiceover and subtitling projects and finding the perfect way to reach your target audience. For hands-on and personalized support for your multimedia localization project, contact us today.

Over the years, we’ve built up a large team of trusted and experienced linguists whose expertise spans across industries and in over 75 languages. You can trust us to deliver the quality, accuracy and excellent customer service today as we always have. And if you have any questions or just want to chat, we’re here for you!