It’s a glorious day to MacGyver and butt dial

It’s rare that I write about my family on my business blog, so the chance to write about my son, together with a TV show I loved in the 80s?  And throw in some language evolution?  It’s a pretty exciting day for me.   I recently shared with a friend that my 9-year old son […]

When Translation Goes Wrong…

This post was written by our colleague and good friend Richard Brooks. He’s the CEO of K International, a UK based professional translation company specializing in translating legal documents, and director of the Association of Language Companies. When Translation Goes Wrong… No man is an island, and the days of any company serving its immediate […]

Multilingual Connections Announces Relocation to Evanston, Illinois

NEWS RELEASE Contact: Annie Coakley 847-570-4724   MULTILINGUAL CONNECTIONS ANNOUNCES RELOCATION TO EVANSTON, ILLINOIS Evanston, IL (August 25, 2015) – Multilingual Connections, a leading translation agency that provides professional translation, transcription and interpretation services in over 75 languages for legal, healthcare, corporate, government and academic clients, announced that it has moved its office from Chicago […]

Multilingual Connections Translation Agency Earns BBB Accreditation

Multilingual Connections, a Chicago-area translation agency, is pleased to announce that it has met the eligibility standards of the Better Business Bureau and is now a BBB Accredited Business. “Accreditation in the BBB is by invitation only” says Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois, “and […]

Translating American Brand Names for the Chinese market

When entering the Chinese market, a brand must make methodical decisions about how its name will be translated. In an article on the Moravia blog, the business of English to Chinese translation is explored according to corporate branding. The process begins with a decision regarding how the brand’s name will be translated, of course. This […]

The Transforming Face of Translations

In an article posted on Common Sense Advisory, researches Donald A. Palma and Benjamin B. Sargent examine the conflict between those who value the importance of a translation being culturally sound and accurate vs. the increasing call for minute-by-minute translations of “in demand” languages prompted by Internet culture. The piece argues that the rise of […]

Leveraging the Communication Skills of English Language Learners in the Workplace: Part 2

By Kim Hitchcock, ELCS, LLC In a previous blog post, I discussed some of the linguistic challenges English language learners run into at work. At the same time as they are absorbing the new sounds and phrases of English, they also have to manage many cultural differences in communication. This post will discuss some of […]

Leveraging the Communication Skills of English Language Learners in the Workplace

By c, English Language and Cultural Services, LLC  (ELCS, LLC) No matter what their profession, lawyers, restaurant workers, engineers and administrative assistants who are limited English speakers run into communication challenges in their workplace.  One of these challenges is how to succeed in communicating their unique ideas and perspectives to their supervisor or colleagues.  When […]

Friends Don't Let Friends Use Google Translate – With a Few Exceptions

We’ve said for a long time that friends don’t let friends use Google Translate.  I love a good love story, though, and after reading this one, I thought it was important to clarify that statement. Google Translate is good for falling in love when you’re an American journalist and a French UN Peacekeeper.  In this context, […]

Spanish Language Translations Bolster Foreign-Born Worker Safety

According to a 2012 study by the National Center for Farmworkers Health, the majority of farmworkers in the US and Canada are foreign-born and most of those workers, primarily from Mexico, speak little or no English. Foreign-born workers face a wide variety of workplace hazards, many of which are exacerbated by a lack of Spanish-language […]

In Some Jobs, Foreign Language Proficiency Can Mean The Difference Between Life And Death

A wide variety of industries benefit from multilingual employees.  Education, finance, social services, hospitality, and travel all need team members with foreign language skills. However, for certain jobs, the stakes are higher and foreign language proficiency is critical to safety and health.     911 Operator According to the New York Daily News “Spanish-speaking New […]

Workplace English Proficiency

Workplace English proficiency in the US is a growing challenge for businesses and employees. A 2014 Brookings Institute report revealed that “19.2 million [working age adults in the US] are considered limited English proficient (LEP), comprising almost 10 percent of the working-age population” and those workers “earn 25 to 40 percent less than their English […]