Border Patrol to expedite training for Spanish speakers

Knowledge of employees’ language skills can prove extremely valuable for a business or organization. As this article describes, US Customs and Border Protection has streamlined their new employee training process through the implementation of a Spanish language competency assessment.


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Schools try to be accessible to Spanish-speaking parents, kids

The Champaign-Urbana area school districts are experiencing an increase in the number of Spanish-speaking students. The following article details how school districts are seeking to respond to their new student and parent population. Again, this article demonstrates the importance of … Read More

Pharmacies cater to Latino market

When Ben Singer first considered using television ads to promote a pharmacy chain he co-founded, he was told TV is too expensive and that he would need to hire actors.

He disagreed. Instead, he put money aside for three months

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Social Networking: YouTube Breaks Language Barrier in 9 Countries

Business growth is almost synonymous with expansion into the global market. This article describes You-Tube’s expansion in nine different countries, and the language and cultural competency required for this business development.

YouTube is expanding its global platform with the launch

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Workshops can help natives and immigrants

Although certain regions of the US have historically been destinations for immigrant populations, some areas of the country have just recently seen a surge in the immigrant population in their region. The following article details an example of how Cincinnati … Read More

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