OSHA forms safety alliance with Hispanics in Real Estate & Construction

Safety in the workplace is inextricably linked with effective communication during training. A language barrier can impede workers’ understanding of safety protocol and hazards of the work environment. This article highlights the steps New York construction organizations are taking to ensure the safest possible work environment for employees. OSHA forms safety alliance with Hispanics in […]

Small newspaper helps immigrants learn English

The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it. Given the prevalence of Spanish in the US, it’s often difficult for Latino immigrants to get that immersion. Typical English-language newspapers can be daunting for the LEP (Limited English Proficient) population, so an English newspaper designed to help immigrants is one step […]

Reputation dented by poor translations

And a little bit more on the Chinese Government’s efforts to improve their standing in the world by reducing the poor English translations. Actually, the example below is an excellent example of how computer-based translations can lead to more problems than expected: In April the media reported that an African-American woman living in Canada bought […]

Santa Ana Chamber Promoting English in the Workplace for Economic Development

Working with businesses of all sizes, they understand the connection between communicating in a common language and the bottom line. Improved customer service, reduced accidents, increased employee retention are all benefits of occupational English and Spanish training. This article shows that not only are employers seeing the benefits, but cities, and business chambers are seeing […]

ABC News: Chinese + English = Chinglish?

There has been a lot of publicity lately about Beijing’s efforts to decrease the humor opportunities associated with their English translations. Errors abound, and while they often entertain tourists, in preparation for the Olympics, China wants to be taken more seriously. ABC News: Chinese + English = Chinglish? Chinese English = Chinglish? In preparation for […]

NPR : Opportunities Fuel Argentinas Economic Rebound

You don’t have to leave the hemisphere to find tremendous emerging market opportunities, but it certainly does help to have the language skills and cultural awareness to be able to capitalize on them. NPR : Opportunities Fuel Argentinas Economic Rebound For four straight years, Argentina has posted growth exceeding 8.5 percent, a recovery that looks […]

Are English Only Rules A Good Idea?

An interesting question posted in an Oregon paper the other day that highlights the need for better cross cultural understanding in the workplace. In the department I manage, we’ve had problems with a few employees who insist on speaking Spanish at work. Other workers are upset because they feel excluded from conversations, and they suspect […]

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