Border Patrol to expedite training for Spanish speakers

Knowledge of employees’ language skills can prove extremely valuable for a business or organization. As this article describes, US Customs and Border Protection has streamlined their new employee training process through the implementation of a Spanish language competency assessment. Starting this October, Spanish-speaking Border Patrol recruits will spend less time in training, witnesses told members […]

Schools try to be accessible to Spanish-speaking parents, kids

The Champaign-Urbana area school districts are experiencing an increase in the number of Spanish-speaking students. The following article details how school districts are seeking to respond to their new student and parent population. Again, this article demonstrates the importance of efforts to bridge the language and cultural gaps. Even though their primary school days are […]

Pharmacies cater to Latino market

When Ben Singer first considered using television ads to promote a pharmacy chain he co-founded, he was told TV is too expensive and that he would need to hire actors. He disagreed. Instead, he put money aside for three months and starred in the commercial himself. The resulting clip starts with Singer, 40, riding a […]

São Paulo, Brazil's Largest City, Isn't Just All Business Anymore

The hospitality industry and businesses in São Paulo, Brazil seek to attract more leisure tourists. An integral part of the effort to increase the city’s appeal to foreign visitors is understanding and overcoming deterrent language and cultural barriers. Everything is superlative in São Paulo, from the size of the city to the volume of tourists […]

Social Networking: YouTube Breaks Language Barrier in 9 Countries

Business growth is almost synonymous with expansion into the global market. This article describes You-Tube’s expansion in nine different countries, and the language and cultural competency required for this business development. YouTube is expanding its global platform with the launch of nine versions of its video-sharing site that are tailored to specif countries — Brazil, […]

Workshops can help natives and immigrants

Although certain regions of the US have historically been destinations for immigrant populations, some areas of the country have just recently seen a surge in the immigrant population in their region. The following article details an example of how Cincinnati organizations are collaborating to understand and respond to the rise in the immigrant population in […]

American Civil Liberties Union : English-Only Amendment Would Endanger Lives, Discriminate and Create ‘Second-Class’ Citizens, ACLU says

The following article expands upon the English-Only issue, particularly highlighting the ACLU position. WASHINGTON, DC -The ACLU today voiced its strong opposition to an amendment passed late last night to the Senate immigration bill that would declare English the national language and severely restrict the government’s ability to communicate with citizens, residents and visitors. The […]

Carpentersville OKs English-only resolution | Chicago Tribune

A suburban municipality of Chicago recently passed an “English-only” resolution. Echoing the words of Carpentersville Village President, who is quoted in the following article, this resolution mainly serves a symbolic purpose and effectively communicates the message that Carpentersville is not a welcoming community. Carpentersville OKs English-only resolution Non-binding language resolution criticized by mayor The Carpentersville […]

‘Global Competency’ Required in 21st Century Economy

Cultural competency and language skills are increasingly important for professional and personal success in today’s world. As higher educational institutions plan curricula, they are prioritizing their students’ development of global competency skills. LEXINGTON, Ky. (Dec. 2, 2005) – “Global competency” – including becoming savvy about international cultures and learning foreign languages – is not an […]

OSHA forms safety alliance with Hispanics in Real Estate & Construction

Safety in the workplace is inextricably linked with effective communication during training. A language barrier can impede workers’ understanding of safety protocol and hazards of the work environment. This article highlights the steps New York construction organizations are taking to ensure the safest possible work environment for employees. OSHA forms safety alliance with Hispanics in […]

Small newspaper helps immigrants learn English

The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it. Given the prevalence of Spanish in the US, it’s often difficult for Latino immigrants to get that immersion. Typical English-language newspapers can be daunting for the LEP (Limited English Proficient) population, so an English newspaper designed to help immigrants is one step […]

Reputation dented by poor translations

And a little bit more on the Chinese Government’s efforts to improve their standing in the world by reducing the poor English translations. Actually, the example below is an excellent example of how computer-based translations can lead to more problems than expected: In April the media reported that an African-American woman living in Canada bought […]

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