Latinos' growing clout has seized candidates' notice

With the rising influence of the Latino worker means a greater need for awareness and understanding of cultural and language issues. Latinos’ growing clout has seized candidates’ notice | Chicago Tribune WASHINGTON — Until this summer, the cooks, waiters and housekeepers of Las Vegas usually didn’t see many contenders for the White House until well […]

New Americans Policy Council- Summary of Recommendations

Summary of the recommendations :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State The New Americans Policy Council emphasizes strategies that empower immigrants and refugees to participate to the fullest extent possible in our economic and civic life, while fostering social cohesion with their new neighbors. The Policy Council focused first on the challenge of integrating large […]

Perils darken a shadow economy | Chicago Tribune

Safety in the workplace is of utmost importance, particularly for an immigrant workforce with little or no access to health care. The following article explores the harsh realities of the U.S. immigration situation and its effects on the undocumented immigrant workforce and the American health-care system. Perils darken a shadow economy | Chicago Tribune Illegal […]

Fear of retaliation trumps pain | Chicago Tribune

This article provides another example of the serious effects of employers’ failure to address language barriers and safety standards. Fear of retaliation trumps pain | Chicago Tribune Deaths, injuries on the job soar for illegal immigrants Before the accident, he had warned the owner of the small Diversey Avenue dry cleaner that the pressing machine […]

A hauling overhaul | Chicago Tribune

As the federal government takes steps to strengthen national security, these decisions will have serious implications for immigrant workers, businesses, and consumers throughout the U.S. The following article explores the potential impact of a plan to check port worker’s IDs. A hauling overhaul | Chicago Tribune Plan to check port workers’ IDs may have big […]

The Social Construction of the U.S. Hispanic Identity

The categorization of people into ethnic or cultural groups can lead to false generalizations and allow for the dismissal of differences among individuals in a certain group. This article explores the social construction of the Hispanic identity and its consequences. Why write an article on Hispanic identity, now? The answer to this question is not […]

The Jakarta Post – English more than just 'I love you'

Hardly a week goes by when you read another story about bad translations and how they not only provide endless laughs, but also can affect the bottom line. From the Jakarta Post, this author writes about a recent publication put out by the Indonesian Tourism Agency: …people could get a headache reading the 25-page book […]

A foot in the kitchen door | Chicago Tribune

As the restaurant industry increasingly employs an immigrant workforce, it becomes even more important to address language and cultural barriers. This article in the Chicago Tribune focuses on the growing immigrant presence in the Chicago and national food service industry. Bound by necessity, newcomers and restaurants forge shared future Kitchen workers–all of them Mexican–huddled around […]

You Say Shalom and I Say Salaam

Language and cultural barriers have a significant influence on relationships in numerous settings. The following article in the publication The Media Line draws a connection between the Israeli-Arab conflict and the language barrier. The website of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, makes a point of greeting its visitors in three languages: Hebrew and Arabic, both […]

Labor Chief Touts Outreaches That Boost Hispanics in U.S. Workforce

Employers are responsible for clear communication with their employees, particularly regarding wage agreements and safety in the workplace. Unfortunately, U.S. companies have taken advantage of the vulnerabilities of the immigrant workforce. This article details how the U.S. Department of Labor is identifying employers who ignore safety standards and cheat their employees out of fair pay. […]

Center for Translation Studies to be established at Illinois

Educational institutions have been expanding, adapting to the interests and needs of a globalized world. Professional translation skills will now be cultivated in Illinois, at the new U of I Center for Translation Studies. Center for Translation Studies to be established at Illinois CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — The University of Illinois is gearing up to build […]

Faulty translation may lead to Dubai prison term

Another article highlights the serious consequences of inaccurate translations. Taipei Times – archives A Canadian anti-narcotics official facing drug charges in Dubai fears he may be jailed for up to four years because of poor translating, according to Canadian media. In a letter addressed “to whom it may concern” and printed in the Ottawa Citizen, […]

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