Colorado companies targeting Hispanics aim to tap a booming consumer market

This article describes the steps Colorado companies have taken to target the “booming Hispanic consumer market.” The author also emphasizes the complexity involved in reaching the Hispanic market, requiring a broader cultural competency and understanding of the diversity within the Hispanic demographic. Colorado’s casinos generated double-digit revenue growth in the 1990s. But thanks to increased […]

Real estate titan pins its hopes on Hispanics

Century 21, the world’s largest real estate franchise, clearly recognizes the purchasing power of the Latino population in the U.S. This article covers the marriage of Century 21 and Casa Real, a small real estate company in New Jersey. PATERSON — The name Casa Real — royal house — suits a real estate company run […]

Translating Anti-Establishment Music in China: NPR

Sometimes when trying to ‘rock the establishment’, a translation can completely change a message. But then again, maybe it works out better if trying to get government approval as told in this NPR story. The art of making anti-establishment music in a non-democratic state can come in the translation. The three members of Rebuilding the […]

Supersized quinceañeras have hijacked a Latino tradition

The author of this article provides a reflection on the modern “Quinceañera,” a traditional Latino rite of passage. This article provides a unique outlook, as the roots of traditions and celebrations are not always well-understood or thoroughly examined. Supersized quinceañeras have hijacked a Latino tradition What used to be a traditional Latino “rite of passage” […]

Students learn Mexican agriculture during Spanish language immersion experience

Cultural and language immersion experiences are increasingly popular, as they provide valuable opportunities for college students. The following article describes Penn State’s new study-abroad program in Mexico, which focuses on Spanish language acquisition and the topic of international agriculture. University Park, Pa. — While study-abroad trips routinely help students develop traveling expertise, worldly knowledge and […]

America's ESL Challenge

The following excerpt is from a recently posted New America Media article. The author discusses the growing need for government-funded ESL programs. Abdullah argues that quality ESL training should be funded not only for humanitarian reasons, but also for the success of the U.S. economy. WASHINGTON — Had President Bush been able to enact an […]

Firms doomed if they fail to tap diverse talent pool

The author of this article aptly describes the importance of recognizing, fostering, and utilizing diversity in the workplace. THE CHANGING WORKPLACE Firms doomed if they fail to tap diverse talent pool New statistics from the 2006 census confirm what leaders of Canadian corporations have feared for years. The workforce is aging rapidly; the ratio of […]

Canadian school board launches English classes focused on health-care lingo

This article describes an Ontario school board’s new program that teaches local immigrants the language and skills they need to work in the health-care field. With the correct language and job skills, immigrants are able to fill the need for qualified workers in the ever-expanding health care field. The Limestone District School Board is launching […]

“Coming Soon: One Pure Language”

This article provides an example of the “English-only” argument, using references to the Bible. According to the author, America is becoming “hampered by multiculturalism.” While the author recognizes linguistic and cultural diversity, he pins it as “confusion.” “Coming Soon: One Pure Language” – The solution to the linguistic and cultural confusion that divides our […]

Crossing the language barrier

This article discusses the growing need for translation in the global economy. In response to this need, a new translation memory technology has been developed. This technology is meant to prevent a human translator from having to translate the same phrases repeatedly. However, there are still doubts about the effectiveness and reliability of any automated […]

MU bridging language, culture barrier

At the University of Missouri, the Residential Life Department have taken huge steps to improve safety, communication, and staff morale, and cultural sensitivity. This article describes their plans to begin workforce English classes and to translate important work handbooks into Spanish. MU bridging language, culture barrier Classes help workers learn English, Spanish. Doralisa Calmet left […]

Bad translations lead to humorous signs – English, Spanish, French and other languages

I just came across this page. It’s humorous stuff and makes us all laugh. I highlighted some of my favorites below, but by all means visit the original page… In a Tokyo Hotel: Is forbitten to steal hotel towels please. If you are not person to do such thing is please not to read notis. […]

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