Poetry Translation

Translation in Context: Transforming Poetry

“I think we all want to have translation work as a process of reproduction, but it’s really a process of transformation.” -Aaron Coleman Periodically, the Multilingual Connections team gets together to discuss articles relevant to the translation world. Recently, we got together to discuss this segment from NPR. We shared an idea that poetry goes […]

Sell Your Transcription Business

The decision to sell your business is not just a financial one, but an emotional one as well. After spending years committed to developing relationships and trust with your clients, you want to make sure they’ll be in good hands moving forward. Whether you’re considering retirement or just looking for a new direction, if you’re […]

Chinese Language

The Hundred Tongues of Thought: On the Varieties of Chinese

In everyday conversation, people tend to treat Chinese as a monolithic language. Researchers share statistics about the number of Chinese speakers worldwide, consumers read advertisements for learning Chinese, and journalists write articles about the increasing use of Chinese as a language of global trade. But, in reality, Chinese is far from being uniform. In fact, […]

eiffel tower

Pretty in French: Molly Ringwald as a Literary Translator

Many recognize Molly Ringwald from those blockbuster hits directed by one of Chicagoland’s most beloved directors, John Hughes: Sixteen Candles (1984), The Breakfast Club (1985), and Pretty in Pink (1986), to name a few. But who knew she had a taste for translation? Ringwald’s infatuation with the French language began when she moved to Paris […]

Cinco de Mayo Margarita

Toasting Mexican independence this Cinco de Mayo? Not so fast.

Ready to toast Mexican independence over margaritas this Cinco de Mayo? Not so fast. You can still have them on the rocks or blended, but first know why you’re drinking them. And it’s not for Mexican Independence Day, which is celebrated on September 16 (though you can partake then, too). Even more surprising for some […]

2019 Translation Freelancer Meet and Greet

Meet & Greet 2019

Please join Multilingual Connections for our 3rd Annual Freelancer Meet & Greet! Thursday, May 9th, 2019 – 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM – 847 Chicago Ave. As a thank you to our hard-working freelancers, we’re hosting a lunch at our Evanston location. Freelancers interested in working with us are also welcome to attend! This is […]

3 Big Tips for Small Businesses Reaching Multilingual Markets

The motto “the customer is always right” is a mainstay of mainstream business. This approach, first coined by turn-of-the-20th-century retailer Henry Selfridge, marked a dramatic shift from the less consumer-friendly caveat emptor – Latin for “let the buyer beware.”

Dr. Jill Bishop of Multilingual Connections and Michael Coor of Byline Bank

CEO named Evanston Chamber of Commerce 2018 Businessperson of the Year

Monday, February 11, 2019, Evanston, Illinois – Jill Kushner Bishop, PhD was named Businessperson of the Year by Evanston Chamber of Commerce.  In an award celebration attended by 175 leaders of the business and not-for-profit community, Dr. Bishop was recognized for her global translation agency, Multilingual Connections, that has been headquartered in Evanston since 2015. As CEO […]

Speaking Chinese: Cantonese vs. Mandarin

A common misconception in the U.S. is that people “speak Chinese.” In reality, Cantonese is the language spoken in southern China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asian islands, and in immigrant communities in the United States. Mandarin literally means “speech of officials” and is the language spoken in northern China. Mandarin, particularly the Beijing dialect of Mandarin, […]

Google Translate Dry Fruit

It’s a shame to dry the fruit with old uncles

My name is Jill. I own a translation agency. And yes, I use Google Translate – sometimes. Machine translation is getting more and more sophisticated by the day, and it can be exceptionally useful. Its accuracy is amazing…sometimes. Sometimes it’s not, though, and the challenge for users is that you don’t know which you’re going to get, […]

mothers day mom and son smiling

Mother’s Day Around the World

Just last month, the U.S. celebrated the first sitting Senate to give birth in its 231-year history. At 50 years old, Tammy Duckworth (D) of Illinois welcomed her second child into the world just in time to celebrate Mother’s day with her newborn, this May 13. Back in 1908, social activist Anna Jarvis first celebrated […]

Linguist Meet & Greet

The Translators Behind the Translation In today’s technologically-advanced, interconnected era, it’s easy to look at a piece of writing – be it a translation or a transcript – and take for granted the option of reading it in a language you understand. At Multilingual Connections, we’re all about celebrating the translators and transcriptionists who make […]

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