California PD Pilots Hand-Held Translation Device

On August 12th, the Workforce Language Services blog posted a link to an article describing the use of the Phraselator in NJ Police Departments. Across the country, California police officers are piloting a similar device in San Mateo County. The … Read More

Language Immersion Advocates in Oregon

An article profiling the Milla family is the first in a series of three pieces about language immersion in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Curently, the Lake Oswego School District has no Spanish immersion program but the Milla family would like their … Read More

Businesses Invest in Language Instruction

Some corporations are responding to the increasingly adversarial immigration debate with programs like Marriott International’s “Thirst for Knowledge,” which provides language instruction and assimilation assistance for their immigrant employees.

This program and others are backed by some legislators:

The initiative

Read More

Latinos Not Getting Health Care Information

The Pew Hispanic Center just released a report with findings that a quarter of Latinos don’t get any health information from health care providers. Rather, 8 out of 10 get the majority of their health information from radio and television.… Read More

NC Police Bridge Language Barrier with Phraselator

According to state estimates, there are about 97 different languages spoken in North Carolina. While the police have adapted to working with a large number of Spanish-speakers, they have yet to do the same with native speakers of various other … Read More

Film Titles Lost In Translation

The movie industry is one industry that truly knows no borders, as Hollywood films are broadcast to audiences all over the world. But there are both cultural and linguistic considerations when translating movie titles, and they don’t always get them … Read More

Cultural Competency a Must for Indiana Teachers

A recent series of workshops aimed at educating Indiana teachers in how to be more culturally competent and sensitive to their students’ backgrounds and cultures. Cultural competency training is even more imperative in school districts where teachers are overwhelmingly Caucasian … Read More

Hispanic Businesses Struggle in Current Climate

For some time now, various industries have been reaching out to Latino consumers in an effort to increase sales. As the Latino population increases, there has been more coverage of the increased buying power of this demographic.

But a recent … Read More

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