Hispanic Businesses Struggle in Current Climate

For some time now, various industries have been reaching out to Latino consumers in an effort to increase sales. As the Latino population increases, there has been more coverage of the increased buying power of this demographic.

But a recent … Read More

Banking and the Hispanic Market

Various sectors are reaching out to Latinos because of the increase in their numbers and buying power. And the financial industry is no different. In fact, based on the stats provided in a Diversity Spectrum article, financial institutions might see … Read More

From Immigrant to College Grad

So many immigrants find learning English daunting as well as exhausting. It’s often difficult to find the time to commit to English classes when working many hours and trying to raise a family. But Elodia Lopez is a testament to … Read More

Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Lawyers

A Diversity Spectrum article finds that the issue isn’t in recruiting lawyers from diverse backgrounds, it’s getting them to stay. And with the Census Bureau’s projection that 47% of all Americans will be Hispanic, black, or Asian, the law profession … Read More

Workplace Bullying Worse Than Sexual Harassment

I’m well-aware of how insidious bullying is in schools. I’ve seen youth terrifed to go to school, youth who snap and attack those who torment them, a prevailing attitude of getting back at those who bully with physical violence, and … Read More

Culturally Competent Mental Health Program in California

John F. Kennedy University is poised to begin a ground-breaking Master’s program focused on offering culturally appropriate training for future licensed therapists who wish to cater to Latinos.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel article is spot-on in its description of the … Read More

Chain Offers Menu in Spanish

Bennigan’s Gril & Tavern has just started offering its menu in Spanish at its 310 locations. The chain hopes that this will be the business move needed to reach out to Spanish-speaking customers, as they are the fastest growing consumer … Read More

A Nation of American Polygots?

Katie Hunter offers commentary on Barack Obama’s suggestion that we start teaching our children Spanish in Juan Guillermo Tornoe’s Hispanic Trending blog. No matter how loudly people protest the phenomenon of “press 1 for English, press 2 for Spanish,” the … Read More

Seven Signs of Work Bias

Research tells us that a company which keeps cultural competence at the forefront has lower turnover, a higher level of buy-in, and a reflection of diversity throughout all levels of management. Steven L. Robbins offers seven signs that the contrary … Read More

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