Trump in translation

Translation is part art, part science. No matter the content, it’s always a fine balance, but this election season has pushed the demands of translation to new heights. Before addressing the translation issue, though, let’s take a look at some Read More

Pokémon Go and the art of translation

Thanks to Project Manager and Pokémon fan, Dan McCartney, for this guest blog!

I say “Pokémon”; you say “pokey-man”

In 1999, I began spending hours in the world of anime zookeeping, known to most as Pokémon. At the time, Read More

Roast grandma and other tasty treats

Part of the fun of international travel is exploring local delicacies. The funny part of international travel (at least for language-lovers like myself) is seeing how things are translated—or as often is the case, mistranslated. Got a taste for “spicy … Read More

How to become a professional translator

At least once a week, someone says to me “Hey, I know someone who is bilingual. Are you looking for translators?” As owner of a translation agency in the Chicago area, I feel fortunate to be surrounded by such linguistic Read More

Baseball in Translation

I’ve never been interested in sports: playing, watching, reading… I often wished I were more interested, and I frequently marvel at just how many decades a human being could possibly live on this earth while absorbing absolutely nothing about sports Read More

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