ETIP Funds—What are they? And how can I use them?

Have you ever wished your Limited English Proficient (LEP) employees could learn the functional English they need to do their jobs more safely, efficiently and comprehensively? That you could cross-train your LEP employees, putting them on the path to promotion?

Investing in your workforce is a crucial business practice. Employee Training Investment Program (ETIP) funds are a great way to subsidize on-site vocational language training. To procure ETIP funds, you must be in a funding-eligible category and pay a percentage of all training costs, including books, instruction, materials and wage reimbursement.

In addition to vocational, technical or remedial skills training, ETIP providers are a great source of free training for innovative technology best practices, embracing lean principles, expanding into new markets and preparing for ownership or management succession.

For more information about ETIP funding in Illinois or your home state, please contact Hilary Hodge, Director of Programs, at