At Multilingual Connections, we believe very strongly in the value of humans and human interaction in the translation process – and that's why we hire the very best linguists, project managers and support staff. We also value the many ways that technology helps us do our jobs more accurately and efficiently. Translation technology has come a long way in recent years, and we leverage it in innumerable ways every day.

Computer Assisted Translation Tools

Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools are software designed to improve the consistency, quality and speed of human translations. This software stores past translations and repeated phrases, glossaries and term bases to leverage the knowledge and experience of human translators while also ensuring consistency across projects and across teams of linguists. CAT tools are able to process multiple complex file types, including html, InDesign, and Excel, to extract text for translation and then export in the same format as the original file.

Our tools also have two key quality control features: first, they enable us to track changes between workflow stages, which is a key step in our linguist quality evaluation process; and second, they have a built-in QA feature that linguists run at every stage in the process to minimize errors. The end result is increased accuracy and consistency, improved efficiency, and higher quality and more efficient projects for our clients.


  • Improves consistency within translated documents
  • Establishes multiple quality control checks
  • Integrates various technologies to a single system
  • Reduces turnaround times

Translation Memories in Detail

A key component of our CAT tools is the ability to leverage translation memories. A “Translation Memory” is a language database that stores files which have been previously translated. These translation memories, or TMs, are client specific, which allows us to ensure client information is kept confident and that style and tone is maintained across all projects. We use the latest, cloud-based CAT tools, allowing our translators and editors to access this historical data in real-time, ensuring an efficient and high quality result.


  • Leverage previous translations for cost and time savings
  • Ensure greater consistency across your translations
  • Reduces turnaround times

Client Portal

Our complimentary client portal is a convenient tool which clients can access to submit and manage projects, keeping track of their progress in real-time. The portal allows you to review work that is being done on your existing jobs, as well as easily submit and track new projects. You are also able to view and approve quotes, view invoices, order history and open support cases.


  • One-click approval for quotes
  • Accepts any file type for upload
  • Drag and drop functionality for loading files
  • View all quotes, jobs-in-progress and invoices
  • 24/7 access
  • Simple online request form
  • Email notifications at each step
  • Easy communication with your project manager and account manager

Machine Translation

For projects that have short turnaround times or particular budget constraints, Machine Translation (MT) can deliver exceptional results. For most languages, we offer two variations of MT:

–  Unedited MT: this is the fastest, and most affordable option. Unedited MT can be a big asset for large reference documents that require a general understanding of the content, but is not for public consumption.

–  Post-Edited Machine Translation (PEMT): this option provides a higher level of quality, as the machine-processed translation is reviewed by a linguist to check for readability and quality. This editing step includes checking for grammatical errors as well as comparing the translation to the source text to clear up contextual errors.


  • Faster turnaround times
  • Cost effective solution for translation
  • Deploy on an as needed basis where appropriate

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