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We are a relationship-driven team that takes a true partnership approach to our services. Leveraging language and cultural expertise, innovative technology, and excellent customer service, we create language solutions tailored to your unique needs. We are collaborative and responsive and work closely with you to deliver fast and accurate translation services every time.

How we ensure success

Discover. Define. Do. Develop. That’s what you can expect with each engagement. As your trusted language partner, we start by getting to know your business goals and discovering what success looks like for you. We then work with you to define your project scope, ensuring transparency and collaborating around process, budget, and timeline. From there, we do the work. That step may sound simple, but it’s not – it’s a complex process to leverage the best technology, people, and approach for your needs. After we successfully complete your project, our job isn’t over. We develop our partnership by debriefing, improving workflow efficiencies, and incorporating your feedback to ensure future success.

Translation Process

Quality assurance process

To ensure the highest quality, Multilingual Connections utilizes a 3-step translation process. First, your content is assigned to a professional linguist to translate. Then, another professional linguist is assigned to edit the translation. Lastly, an experienced project manager reviews the file and does one final quality assurance check to ensure that the document meets all of your requirements before delivery.

Language quality and evaluation are both integral parts of our process. After every project, our translators are evaluated according to specific criteria and we share feedback with each of them on an ongoing basis.

3 step QA process description

Language and culture expertise

Our translators are industry experts who are carefully chosen for your project based on their background and experience. All of the linguists have at least five years of professional experience – most with many more – and undergo a rigorous hiring process led by our talent management team.

Powered by tech-savvy humans

Powered by tech-savvy humans

As a leading translation and localization company, Multilingual Connections leverages innovative technology to work smartly, effectively, and efficiently. To maintain consistency, streamline workflows, and increase the speed of our translation process, we use Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools and, for certain projects, we may also recommend Machine Translation (MT).

Through these systems, we can store past translations, create glossaries, and develop termbases so that your style, preference, and terminology remain the same across files, projects, and even departments. In many cases, CAT tools allow us to extend long-term discounts to clients as well. The more content you translate over time, the more cost savings down the line.

Our Commitment

When partnering with a professional language company, you expect high-quality services. At Multilingual Connections, we redefine what high-quality translation is. We promise partnership – and that means not just quality, but accountability and a commitment to supporting your organization’s goals.