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With their app available in seven languages, dscout’s studio team required ongoing translation of its user research guidelines and prompts and also transcription and translation of its user responses back into English for analysis.

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Because research participants use the dscout app in a remote, unmoderated manner, a high-quality and precise translation in the local language is critical to the users’ understanding of what they are supposed to be doing and how they should respond to prompts. The dscout research team relies on the English translation of the responses, which participants submit in video and text, to understand participants’ ideas, thoughts, and experiences. The pace and size of the content are particularly hard to predict, so a quick turnaround is essential as is, of course, translation accuracy and the ability to work in multiple file types across languages.

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Multilingual Connections’ background in market research paired with its customized approach proved to be the perfect solution for dscout. “We initially chose Multilingual Connections over alternatives because Founder & CEO Jill Bishop comes from a research background and understood our needs with refreshing speed and empathy,” noted Amy Clarke, Director of Scout Operations at dscout. From there, Multilingual Connections built a dedicated team of project managers and linguists ready to move quickly and efficiently when the first project came our way.

“As an anthropologist and former user researcher myself, I’m committed to finding flexible options for supporting research, both in corporate and academic settings,” said Dr. Jill Kushner Bishop, Founder & CEO of Multilingual Connections. “We love partnering closely with clients to understand their goals and find the best ways to support them – and our relationship with dscout is a great example of that.”

Multilingual Connections first partnered with dscout to translate external-facing surveys, screeners, and missions into German for mobile app research being conducted by an end-client in Germany. As a part of this same project, we translated the research participants’ responses – both video and text – back into English.

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With the first project completed, we then helped dscout scale the translation workflow to support client research being conducted in Japanese and Spanish markets, positioning them to expand that same language process to additional markets. And because we work from the source audio language directly into English, our interpretive transcription approach cut costs and increased turnaround times.

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