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Threadline is a collective of curious and inspired researchers elevating brands by uncovering hidden consumer narratives. Their profound research approach examines the emotional components of concepts for their clients, primarily focusing on strategic positioning and brand promises.


Threadline’s mastery of language and research intricacies shines in their native US market – the bar is set very high. In international research, a tremendous amount of expertise is required to adhere to their rigorous standards. This extends beyond mere translation accuracy; it requires an elevated skill level that ensures that the emotional essence that underpins people’s stories across cultures is captured and preserved.

One study focusing on the concept of luxury and wellness probed how these concepts resonate across five global markets. Five interviews were conducted in each country with ultra-high net worth individuals from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, India and China. This required translation of guides and stimuli as well as moderation in multiple languages and separate dialects.

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By leveraging Multilingual Connections’ network of linguists and moderators with expertise in social science research – together with their experienced project managers – Threadline’s studies achieved a level of fidelity that transcended language barriers. This was especially evident in their luxury and wellness study, where the intricate nuances of emotions, positioning, and brand promise remained consistent across diverse cultures. This collaboration paved the way for Threadline to maintain parity of research quality and emotional resonance regardless of geography, thus reaffirming their commitment to delivering insights that transcend borders.

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When conducting global research, maintaining that fidelity can be challenging. Our ability to bring together experts in language, culture, research, and project management makes it happen.

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