Case Study: Engaging global markets with Üllo - Multilingual Connections

Creative translation – or transcreation – of marketing content for wine decanter and filter company spurred growth in new markets across the world.


Üllo was looking to test a new social media marketing strategy in its global EU markets, so they reached out to Multilingual Connections to translate a digital marketing campaign into Spanish (Spain), French (France), German (Germany), and Italian (Italy). The needs became clear: transcreation, or the adaption of creative text from one language into another, would be the best approach for a digital campaign that educates, inspires, and moves the audience to act.


Multilingual Connections built an in-country team of linguists with deep cultural and linguistic understanding of target languages, markets, and audiences.

Streamlined processes

Multilingual Connections streamlined the translation process and provided a comprehensive solution combining a number of services, including transcreation, website localization, and multilingual desktop publishing services.

Global content that resonates

Multilingual Connections has supported Üllo’s global growth by creating content that resonates with the target audience and stays true to its brand voice.


For marketing content, especially creative, punchy, and to-the-point digital and social content, Multilingual Connections provides transcreation. This service ensures the translated material maintains client’s brand voice, tone, and style, and resonates with the target audience.

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